Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drake's 5th Birthday Cake Disaster? Maybe not ;)


As many of you may know. I recently published a birthday cake on my facebook that I wanted to try and make for my son's 5th Birthday. He loves/obsessive over wrestling and so I wanted his birthday to be extra special. So I found this lovely cake on google, just scanning through pics. found one that I LOVED, but the bakery is not even in my state. So I started calling around and asking bakers if they can make this cake or one similar to it for me. Well lets just say its not cheap to get a 2 tier cake made in Mesquite and lets leave it at that. Way outside my little single mom budget. So me and my brilliant self  thought " Hey, looks simple, I can make that!" Let's just say that was  a pretty arrogant assumption on my part :) I've never made a cake before and had no instructions, no cooking material, nothing! I just up and decided to "wing it." That's my area of expertise!

Ok before I go any further let me direct you to the cake I wanted to make:   Its beautiful right! Great workmanship, looks easy enough, simple colors, some action figures, no biggie. LOL This was my goal cake. Ok I am going to assume that you went and looked to truly appreciate my story and pictures :)

Actually, I got a picture here. Not sure how much of a biggie this is, I am giving her/him credit, with a link to her/his cake. I know how to gank a picture from the web thats protected, but dont know how to turn it...too funny, anyway, its a kickin little cake and I knew my Drizzle Fizzle would LOVE IT!So off to the store I went. I figured I needed some black and red Icing, some licorice, some little wrestling dudes, a button and that's about it. I was set. Except for some small, minor set backs. could not find black frosting, nope. Could not find the WWE button, and the little cage thing...wasn't happening. So once again in my brilliant, "let's wing it" optimism I still went ahead. I figured, hey I took art, I know the color wheel. I bought some food dye and decided to "make" black frosting. Couldn't get it right, but I got a kickin gray and though, OK I can work with this. Wrestling rings are gray anyway, sometimes :/ Then for the button I figured my kids are little wrestling freaks we must have one around the house, but nope we don't. So skip this part, no biggie, ever the optimist, remember!

So here I am with gray icing, no button, no ring, but determination. Then I remembered the most important part....the cake pan! Back to the store we go. Don't have the right size. The cake said it was made with a 9x9 for the bottom and a 6x6 for the top. I found a 10x10 and a 9x9 and thought, this could work, I'll just cut the access off. I hope you all see were this is going already. some short cuts just should not be taken. So I finally get the top and bottom cooked and cut. See how lovely they look, stacked so nice and neat.You can see all the excess off to the side and my nice WWE cup to motivate me as well :0

So I wait the few hours for the cakes to cool really good and I take the icing out of the fridge (yes, I did). After everything was the correct temperature, I got to putting on the frosting. Maybe I should mention know that I had to use a spoon, I didn't realize there was a "correct" tool for frosting application. So the frosting was a little lumpy in places, but still looked good to me. I am easily pleased.;) So I get the frosting on and move to the ring. Like I said I had to improvise and throw caution to the wind, so the ring became heresy licorice and red licorice as the ropes. The name, well lets just say it all looks easier than the picture and I have a new appreciation for bakers! So here is my finished product. Does not look anything like the picture, but hey I'am OK with it. I tried hard to make something special for him and although it did not turn out like the picture I wanted, it pleased the person I wanted to please.  My son LOVES it and thought it was AWESOME, so that was all the love I needed.

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