Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Love Most About My Princess-May

Favorite Quote: you are in the habit of saying how much "swag" you have to the point you say " I am the swag master from Dawn Caster." in a British accent of course. I guess this is something Louie from One Direction says.

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your eagerness to make your faith your own (see below). Your willingness to help those who needed you, especially at church and during the camp out and how good of a friend you are, especially  in times of chaos and trouble in their lives. I watch you with others and see how you interact and you are a really good hearted young lady. You care deeply for those around you and you are willing to stand up for them and still not afraid to let them know when they are in the wrong. Sadly a good friend that will do both is hard to find and keep. I am happy that you have had the same friends growing up since Kinder and I hope you keep them for life.

Favorite Photo: This is you in your "swag" photo and glasses!

Where I hope to see you grow: I have to say that this month I have been a little scared for you. You are questing religion, faith and your place with God. I feel alot of this has to do with Dad and I not being together anymore and the things that transpired that ended to the marriage ending. You are asking alot of questions about how to pick the right religion, how do you know if a religion is bad, will people from other religions go to hell or will God have mercy on them still, what if you don't go to church at all but still believe in God, does it matter what church you go to, if you dont get baptized are you still saved (you dont want to go in front of a crowd-you are super shy in this area), how do we know the bible we use is 110% true and not a bad one since each religion uses a different bible they say is right...I mean you are asking me some TOUGH questions. I would l0ove to say I have all the answers, but I don't. I have to dig around myself and ask the elders and then dig through what they tell me and so on and so on. i guess if I am learning something from this it is to always be ready to give an explanation for your faith! You little girl I love and adore and are making sure I am ready for sure! I love all the questions and I am glad you are diggin deep and not just picking up my faith, but want to know you have the RIGHT faith-Gods faith-Gods truth, not man's. and for that I am incredibly proud of you. I just hope that the spirit of God gives me the correct answers to help you on your journey TOWARD Him and not away. That is my biggest fear in life.

Favorite thing we are doing this month:
1. Our first AHG Family camp out! I am super stoked and you have put a lot o planning into this trip. You had to organize the whole trip from sun up to sun down and you were suppose to have had a partner help out, but that never happened. Unfortunately, our trip never happened either. Instead my car broke down for 2 weeks and we were stuck at home. So why did this make my favorite list? Because we got to spend lots of time together talking and I got to learn more about you.

2. 20 Questions: You are trying to find yourself and who you are in Christ, as a daughter and sister in your family and you have been using games to accomplish this. So about once a week you ask me to play 20 questions with you and set ground rules to go with the game: cannot ask questions you asked before, they cannot be fluff questions, you need to go deep and they cannot only be questions about faith and relationships with God, all my answers cannot revolve around "being a Christian".Yes, i had to use quotes because you do as well. :)

3. Last AWANA and Youth Group-OH NO! Yes it is over for the year! Part of me is joyful because its been a Very, Very long year, but part of me is sad about it ending as well. You are not happy about it. You wont get to watch the babies as often now and you wont see your friends as often either. You are hoping to get to lead the puggles next year, but I know you and you will miss the babies too much to move up. You also got to the Amazing Race with Youth Group to end the year. Its this crazy scavenger hunt/obstacle type of thing a ma bobber (mamma word) were you go on a crazy hunt for weird things such as take a picture with a cop eating a donut and its worth 5,000 points. Yep, weird things like that. Glad we got a cop in our church! hint hint.
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