Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bible Defenders

What are the rules for defending the Bible?

What are the rules for defending a nation? What are the rules for self-defense? What are the rules for defending one's family?

One common rule is "The best defense is a good offense." Instead of constantly feeling like we must answer all the questions of Bible opponents, we should be putting it to them.

For instance, they always ask, "Why are there so many contradictions in the Bible?" They phrase the question this way, trying to tip the scales from the git-go. However, we should be asking the question first:
If the Bible is not inspired and the product of mere human endeavor, why does it contain no errors and no contradictions in all that it affirms, even though it was written through a period of about 2000 years, by means of about 40 human penmen, from all different sorts of cultures and backgrounds? Why does the Bible contain not one verifiable contradiction? Why are there no internal contradictions and not a single contradiction to external science or history?

Are you prepared to defend your faith?
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