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Not Just A Hearer But A Doer, Volume 1

Yolanda Shanks  | Not Just a Hearer but a Doer - Deliberately Living Life Devotional StudyISBN: 978-0985361600 | List Price: $12.95 | Format: Softcover | Page Count: 144

We sit in the pews. We sing the songs. We recite Scripture–Scripture we know by heart. And yet buried in the midst of this routine are commands and requests straight from the Most High that go ignored. We’ve become so reliant on God fulfilling His end of the bargain that we fail to follow through with ours.


In 31 days, Yolanda Shanks’ devotional study, Not Just a Hearer but a Doer, will help you find calls to action within scripture ... and then act upon them. Starting with small things, like seeing that the Lord is good and working your way up to bigger actions, such as being a bold witness for Christ, you’ll soon have the tools, desire and confidence to put scripture into practice. Just as God intended.


My Impressions: 

This is the first book I have read by Yolanda Shanks. I love reading bible studies to get different perspectives on topics and how different people apply the word of God and their take away from the same scriptures. I approached this book like I do with every new bible study:
1.      Praying to God for Him to show me what He wants me to learn about His word
2.      Meditation on reading
3.      How does this look in my life today. Does it apply to this season I am in?
4.     If it does, how do I apply it and what does that look like?
 The first thing I really noticed that drew me to this book was the bright colors on the cover with a few sprinkled clouds. It felt like I was staring up into beautiful sun rise.  I am a visual person so I really need to be able to connect visually with a book or it kinda destroys it for me. I am the person walking through the bookstore looking at the covers for the one that catches my eye and makes me want to pick it up and flip it over. I would have picked this book up.
The format of the book is pretty straight forward and aligns with most other bible studies I’ve done.  It is broken up into 31 days in a easy to follow format. You have your story about a life event or circumstance, followed with a scriptural observation, background on the verse, interpretation, application, additional memory scriptures and a space to write out how this verse pertains personally to you.  The purpose behind this book is to teach us to not just read and hear Gods word, but to actually have follow through and act on God’s word. “Doing” requires action, it’s not a passive word and that is what Yolanda tries to drive home to us each day.
My favorite day was probably Day 4: Guarding Our Minds. This is the one area I think I can easily fall back into being a “hearer” and not a “doer”. When I read Roans 12:2 I get captivated by the Word and I know the areas that God is reaching out to me to change and they are areas I struggle with because they are pleasurable to me, but worldly and against Gods word at least in content. It is easy to become numb to evil. To see it and hear it so often that it starts to seem less offensive, less vulgar, less of an issue, and more acceptable, commonplace and small in comparison to other evils in the world. So you engage, you allow and tolerate and you take part and before you know you it you are sucked into a sin you knew better than to be a part of but it became ok because of your exposure over and again to it. The next thing you know this activity takes up your time and takes it away from God, your family and the life you know you are to live.  It reminds me that you cannot be the salt and light of the earth of you are taken part in the darkness of it as well. It can be easy to forget that my first obligation is to the Lord and my connection with Him above and beyond any other ties that I have in my life.
Yolanda put together a very nice and encompassing bible study that I believe is applicable for teens through adults to use as a personal devotion or in a small group session. 

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About the Author: Yolanda ShanksYolanda Shanks

Multi-published author, speaker, blogger, teacher, wife, grandmother—Yolanda Shanks wears many hats, but the one she most resonates with is her role as an advocate for living life to its fullest.
Shanks’ award-winning first book, Destined to Live, Despite Me, continues to be a source of hope for those battling effects from a prior suicide attempt. It garnered an enthusiastic Kirkus review, which stated the book was “a commendable guide for finding meaning after considering suicide.”
Her second book, Not Just a Hearer but a Doer (released June 2012) challenges the body of Christ to act upon scripture. In the Fall of 2012, she released a third project, entitled Destined to Live, Despite Me – A Cause to Be Thankful.

Check her website (www.YolandaShanks.com) for book events in your area and for weekly wisdom from this lover of life and committed Christ-follower.  You can read more about Yolanda here.

*I received a free copy of this book to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.


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