Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Love About Delaney Feb 2014

LEAST Favorite Quote: "Swag Fag" -and its my least favorite thing that you have started to say. It annoys me on so many levels its ridiculous. I think that is why you say it as often as you is to get under my skin and annoy me. Its something you picked up online from one of these youtubers and now its your thing to say. I will be glad when you find a new saying to say the least.

What has impressed me most about you this month: You are slowly coming around back to the land of the living. You have been all ticked off with me since I took away facebook and all other social media due to the bad influence it was having on you and your behavior. You went days without speaking to me but finally have come around this month.I think you realized your life did not end and you did survive. You started babysitting again and getting slightly more active with people from church. I take the small steps as little victories especially after all we have been dealing with these last few months.

Favorite Photo: Your Tyler Montague.

Scary I know

Where I hope to see you grow: Being able to define yourself without a boy attached to you. You are verging on obsession over Tyler. You guys broke up on Valentines Day (really crappy) and since you have been obsessing over him and the breakup, to the point you made a tri fold alter to the boy. I just wish you realized that God has made someone out there for you and in time you will discover that young man, but in the meantime you need to focus on your relationship with the Lord and your studies instead of boys in your past.
Favorite thing we are doing this month:
1. Cedar Elm Stables: we are working on our horseman ship badge this month is AHG so you went with me to organize the event. I forgot how much you like horses. Your face lit up when you got to nuzzle and feed them. I have not seen you that happy in a while and it was so nice to see you glow with joy.

2. Cuddle Time: OK probably not what you would call it, but it is what it is. We spent a lot of time this month together just laying around watching movies, talking, playing games, sketching, coloring, reading, etc. Really just hanging out and enjoying spending quality time together while your little brother was asleep. You would sit and lounge on me like I was your pillow and we would stay that way for hours. Probably the only time you actually let me show you affection without getting agitated with me. 

3. Family Book Time: Yes, I know you think its ridiculous, but I enjoy us all being together. Add a book to it and I am in heaven, or darn close to it. I let both you and your brother pick out a book that would be appropriate for us all to read together and we have been reading at least a chapter a night. Sometimes you whine and complain,sometimes you come in all happy to read. It is 100% hit or miss with you , but I enjoy this time with you and secretly I think you do to.
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