Monday, February 21, 2011

Unit Studies

Trying so hard to make my first unit study of the life of Sacajawea and her influence on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. never thought it would be so hard and take up so much time. So far I have my geography lessons down, my hx lessons, and art, just trying to figure out how to incorporate math into this little equation here is the trick. Learning to homeschool is a little more complicated than I initially though and I am so worried about not teaching my kids the right things and them falling "behind". Hopefully, this will be successful and I wont have to go to a planned curriculum, that my kids hate :( Back to google to see what I can find that may be helpful. I guess i have to learn that not all studies can be completed by the end of the week and put in this nice little box! Really have to work at unschooling myself first, I think the kids are already there and waiting for me to catch up! Wish me luck!
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