Friday, March 4, 2011

The Hines Family-Cincinnati, Ohio

Received our first flat today from the Hines family, Nick, Brendan and excited. They made this adorable little helicopter flat with their pics on it..too cute! I cannot wait to show it around town and send back lots of wonderful pictures, and rich Texas history along with it! As you can tell, our cat, Yogi, also feels like he needs to get in on the action. What is up with cats and purses, plastic and leather anyway?

Well, your little buddy seems to be getting a view of all the local hospitals in the area! My son, Drizzle Fizzle, had to go back to the hospital this am from 5-12, but he is fine now. Luckily he remembered your helicopter and since we had some time to kill, we took a few pics.

Tonight however, he is going out on the town. We are off to the North Texas Irish Festival and we plan to have a blast! Cant wait to send you some pics tomorrow!


Had a fabulous time at the North Texas Irish Festival. Got to see tons of men/women in authentic Irish clothes, lots of HUGE Irish Wolfhounds and ate wonderfully fattening foods all night. Drizzle Fizzle and your buddy rode some rides, went into the petting zoo, ate hot dogs (yes, even as vegetarians we eat meat sometimes-were not completely reformed yet-were more 75/25 currently :0) We got to see some fabulous Irish Folk dancing and hear some stories being told from the good ol'days! We did lots of paining, drawing, coloring and looking around at all the wonderful shops. Fabulous shops that sold kilts, swords, dresses, antiques, FOOD, lotions, art work, so many things its unbelievable.  We also went to the Hall of State which has lots of rich Texas history, statues, art etc. We also stopped by a small reenactment of the WWII and got invited to a large scale Civil War reenactment later this month that we plan to go to! Will be lots of fun I am sure.


Today we headed out to the Dallas Zoo with Princess and Drizzle Fizzle and their friends Amber and Rose Maria H. These are the kids best friends and they have known them since Pre-K so they do alot with us. We loved the monkey KoKo who kept walking up to the kids and putting his hand out like he was saying hi. Very cute. I actually got that recorded and will send it to you! But as you can tell your little buddy had to fight for his LIFE while at the zoo. The poor little guy had to fly away from the giraffe who thought he looked yummy I guess! To top it off the New Zeland rabbits also kept trying to eat him as well. They must have smelt the pancakes and yogurt on him from this mornings breakfast.

We also went to Union Station, The Red Museum with Jack Ruby was assassinated, we say were Kennedy was assassinated, went to Reunion Ball (but it was closed on Sunday :( . We also made our way to the 6th floor museum, but you cannot take pics inside :(...I know two bummers back to back, sorry.

We tried to get into Wolf Gang Puck's restaurant, but we were not allowed with no reservations. So I got to hear from Princess (my chef in the making) how when she gets her restaurant you wont need reservations because its not fair to kids!


Today we celebrated my birthday! The kids and I took your buddy on a small tour of Mesquite. We went and say the Mesquite Rodeo, our church-Centerpoint, the Mesquite Opera House, the ice cream factory- Blue Bell and lastly we went and say the Mesquite tourism building. I hope you will like the pics when they reach you. We went out The Spaghetti Warehouse to eat diner and than came back home for cake, games and movies. We had a great time playing hangman on the Wii and we watched Space Chimps together to close out the night. Your little guy was exhausted by the time it was all said and done and so were we!

Tonight you get to travel with me and Princess to get my fingerprints done at the FBI Unit in DT Dallas. I cant take pics inside, but I will try to snag one of the outside for you! I have to get my fingerprints for my job as a Juvenile Probation Officer every year to make sure I am staying out of trouble and eligible to continue volunteer work. I work FT in home health care, but volunteer as a prob. officer in Tarrant County till I get my certificate as a Prob Officer, but you have to have a job offer BEFORE you take the class here in Texas and you must have your Bachelors Degree! So if you are thinking of a job in the CJ field, study hard and stay out of trouble!! You will love going to AWANA tonight with the kids, they have a blast learning about the Lord, playing games and fellow-shipping. Plus you get a snack, so you cant go wrong!

 This weekend we drove out to Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, TX  to see the Civil War Reenactment. Had a fabulous time and got to watch town raids, grand speeches, religious debates, murders and the final grand battle between the north and the south over slavery and cotton taxes! It was a great time and your buddy was so excited to be there, but I think he got a little scared with all the canons and guns going crazy. At the end of the weekend he got to go watch people zip line on the largest zip line in Texas! It was a lot of fun. I put some pics up on the Civil War trip on my blog page and I will print them off for you! 


The Ft Worth Zoo called our name today. It was a little crowded, but hey we got to see the kangaroos this time, so we were psyched. We went and saw a nature film about the importance of recycling and learning about weather. We got to see a white tiger and the bald eagle. So many great animals in one place and so much to learn from them!


Today we barbecued. Not great fun, I know, but your buddy really did like getting out there on the grill and showing us what he was made of. Who knew helicopters were such excellent chefs? Go figure. Well we enjoyed grilled veggies and fruit kabobs nonetheless. They were fantastic. We had to do something to kinds cheer me up from the long week at dealing with our State/Federal surveyors in my office. So we really didnt get out much this week, with my job and the kids schooling so we vegged all weekend:) 


Today we spent the afternoon in the backyard. We played games;soccer, yard darts, basketball, then followed it up with some pool time and sprinklers. It was a great way to spend a day and we had so much fun. 

some of the different puppets they use for shows
Today we decided to go out. We have seasons tickets to the Dallas Children's Theater so we went and saw the Frog Prince today. The Frog Prince was a black light puppet style show. Black light puppeteering actually got its start in Czechoslovakia. Black light puppet - A form of puppetry where the puppets are operated on a stage lit only with ultraviolet lighting, which both hides the puppeteer and accentuates the colours of the puppet. The puppeteers perform dressed in black against a black background, with the background and costume normally made of black velvet. The puppeteers manipulate the puppets cheese the light, while they position themselves unseen against the black unlit background. Controlling what the audience sees is a major responsibility of any puppeteer, and blacklight lighting provides a new way of accomplishing this. Puppets of all sizes and types are able to be used, and glow in a powerful and magical way. The original concept of this form of puppetry can be traced to Bunraku puppetry. It was a great production. Needless to say we had a most excellent time!

Drizzle Fizzle, James and Bassie heading to Bass Pro Shop
After the theater we went to Bass Pro Shop and had to set our bassie free :( We were all very upset, but my budget cannot afford our predator our youngest caught anymore.We have had bassie (a large mouth bass) for about 8 months and he has grown in size from about a finger to over the size of your hand and than some. Being the lovely predator he is we had to feed him goldfish, but I was spending close to $20 a week  in goldfish for him, so we decided to release him at Bass Pro Shop so he wouldnt be hunted and ate! As you can tell, Drizzle Fizzle was not to happy to have to get rid of his Bassie, but we cheered him up a bit by letting him know we could visit.


today was my sons birthday, Munchkin, so we went to Legoland for the day. It was the grand opening out at Grapevine Mills Mall and we had a blast. Who knew so many cool things could be made from legos! There were zoo animals, robots, parks, and the whole Dallas Skyline. Not to mention Cowboy Stadium! We followed up our day with a nice lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. Very awesome! Today was an excellent day!

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