Friday, June 3, 2011

All things Munchkin


 I had to take this time to mention how wonderful my Munchkin is. not only is he good in his academics, but  more than that he is a fantastic big brother.  I mean how many 16 year old's do you know that still love to play with their young siblings, doing things they enjoy?
 From little things like helping his little brother learn to balance on his bike so he can ride like a "big boy"

 To spending so much time twirling and tumbling around in the grass with his brother and sister.
 To teaching his sister the fine skills of archery, a talent all well rounded little girls apparently need to have :0

To skateboarding with his siblings down rough terrain, called our street :) 
tt This is my son and I am so proud of his character, his wisdom and humility and the man he is growing into! My Munchkin!
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