Friday, June 17, 2011

Homeschooling Blog Anyone?

Since I started blogging a few months ago, I have seen so many different reasons that people blog. Then it hit me, I can use my blog for my homeschooling as well! It is so much fun and can be used for so many different areas of their education as well.  It’s something that both you and your children can enjoy. Its also a great way to gather a online portfolio that they can use later,or to  track progress etc.  

Just a few subjects I thought about using the blog for: 

Writing/Grammar (Journals or Book Review's)
Web Design (html coding)
Art (its a blog come on, you can make your blog to suit a specific artist and pay tribute or a certain style  of art)
Math (doing a blog poll, or polling family and friends about topics and making graphs) 
Special Interests (sports, comics, photography etc)
Logging field trips as Geography or History

You can tailor each blog according to that child’s interests. For all those competitive souls out there its a great family activity that you can make a contest out of even. See who can make and design the best blog,  who can update there's with the most interesting information, who can make the craziest looking blog or who can get products to write reviews on the most with great feedback etc. The possibilities are endless.
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