Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mom, I'm Bored!

Ok I literally stole this idea from another mom because I LOVED it so much, so first off I am going to give her credit. This is a direct link to this idea and to Anna's blog Molding Minds: http://moldingmindshomeschool.blogspot.com/2011/06/mom-im-boredjar.html?showComment=1308060579821#c8951236148888372673

 Living in Texas there is about 4-5 months out of the year it is simply miserable to go outside during the daytime hours. You get stuck inside your house day in and day out, unless you want to shell out some cash to go find some other activity inside to do. We live on a tight rope budget, so when I ran across this I fell in love.

There is a sentence I despise hearing in my home, "Mom, I'm Bored, what can we do?".  I think this irks me the most because my kids have an over abundance of toys, video games for the Wii and DS, three cats, a dog, a huge back yard to romp in and they have each other, but for some unknown reason my lovely little munchkins never seem to have anything to do inside the house. 

I thought about rewriting this next part, but Anna said it just right that it needs no improvement. So is as we say is straight from the horses mouth as we southerners like to say!

"This could be the most amazing idea I have ever seen. The I'm Bored Jar. There are so many variations of things you can do with this that it makes it the perfect customizable summer idea! I sat the girls (ok i have one girl and 2 boys, but who cares) down and we came up with a list of about 50 different "I'm bored activities". I will have them pull a card and do each activity for 30 minutes. Once the card is drawn I will move it out of the box until all of the other cards are drawn."

Here is the Greene's Family list of I'm Bored Activities. Feel free to use it, I did :)

I spy
Scavenger Hunt
Make a Puppet
Have a Puppet Show

Egg toss
Blow Bubbles
Write a Book
Write a Letter
Read a Book

Make a comic strip
Play Outside
Play Stuffed Animals
Dress Up
Finger Paint
Draw a Picture
Play Store
Go to Neighborhood Park
Basketball game

Hang man
Go to the Rec center
Ping Pong
Play Tennis
Play Doh
Tea Party
Simon Says
Play Animals 

Science ExperimentsWindow Markers
Scavenger HuntSoccer'
Play fetch with Jack
Mud Pies
Bake with Mama
Rock Band
LegosPattern Blocks
Write in Journal
Collect Bugs
Build a Fort
Ride Bike
Sidewalk Chalk
Water Guns
Make a Movie
Board Game

Nature Walk
Hide and Seek
Leap Frog
Follow the Leader
Take a Bubble Bath
Work a Puzzle
Word Search

Her ideas were so brilliant that I loved that our family could use so many of her ideas and than we added in our own and deleted the ones that didn't apply to us! Once we finish making our own box I will add in a pic of the box with the cards of ideas. Thank you Anna for such a wonderful idea!
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