Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates, nothing fancy

So I defaulted a little bit on my reading, but finally get caught back up to speed. Spent too much time trying to figure out what curriculum I was going to use to homeschool the kids this year. Normally we go straight through the summer and I am still trying to decide if I want to go that route or take a month off first. I think I am suffering from overload at the moment. I finally did decide on curriculum though. Going with Mystery of History (MOH), Life of Fred (LOF), and Learning Adventures. Yes, I know LA is a unit study and includes Hx, but I really like the MOH layout and all that we can do with it, so I am using both!Plus, it took me FOREVER to get my daughter interested in anything with the name Hx in it, so I am stubborn and refuse to change now :) There you know my little secret!I spent a good part of today still trying to get my blog just right. I dont see how you guys get them so fancy. I have trouble with the color scheme alone, whew. So mine will remain kinda plain Jane and I am perfectly ok with blogging mediocrity, at least for now. Who I am  I kidding? Anyone who knows me knows how completely anal retentive I am about everything. I will be obsessing over my stinky blog till I get it just right and there will no peace in my mind till I do. Oh we, small price to pay I suppose in the long run.

What else has been going on you might ask? Well, if you pop over to my Drizzle Fizzle's page you can hear all about his basketball life!! So exciting is all I can say, his first team sport. My Princess, is enjoying the break and well, I don't know how else to say it other than she is my challenging child at the moment. Shes 11 and trying to come into her own identity. With that comes all the struggles independence and snippy attitudes etc. Always a joyful time. She reminds me so much of me when I was that age and I know already I am going to have my hands full. My Munchkin is away for the summer visiting his aunt on his Dads side in Florida and I miss seeing him already. I am glad he loves to visit family, but I dislike it when he's gone so far away.

Right now I am reading Chromosome 6 by Robin Cooke. I am only about 50 pages into, but it is a captivating book. I am one of these strange people who think books, for the most part, are better than movies. When I read its like I am entering into another world and can literally see the book coming to life in my imagination like a movie spinning. When I stop reading its like I hit pause on the movie till I pick the book up again and all the characters and scenes come back to life. I simply do not see how people do not enjoy reading. There loss, my gain. :)

Outside of that is my husband and I. We are still struggling with trust, love, respect, taming the tongue and other issues, but I know with God in our lives we will persevere through these trials and our marriage will be stronger than ever. You have to stand firm through the bad times to really appreciate the good times. I just keep in mind what the book of James says and I keep in mind an old Kaye Arthur analogy she once used about persevering in troubled times and it pulls me through when I feel all hope is lost and it helps me remember I am fighting this fight for His glory, not mine and He will never put more on me than he knows I can conquer and endure! Keep the faith and keep praying!
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