Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We love our church and all the crazy activities they do to keep the kids interested in learning about our Savior and all He has given up for us and done for us. The kids participate in AWANA each year on Tuesdays. Tonight was dress like a hobo night. The reason behind the theme was it was also help a family night. This is were the kids learn the art of sharing and caring for your fellow brothers and sisters within the community. The learn about the limited resources of some families and what they endure daily in life. They learn about the Bible says we are called to do for these families and ways they can help on their level. Simple things like donating foods, clothes, toys can all make the difference fora family who has nothing or has lost everything. I feel very strongly about helping those in times of need. Maybe is because our family has been homeless before, maybe because we know the struggles some families face when a father walks out, or sin because the main focus in life. For whatever reason, my kids have been taught the value of helping those in need and to do so with a loving and cheerful heart. They know they have alot in life, not as much as some, but a heck of alot more than others. I try to keep them focused on the latter. Praying for those who need prayer, helping those who cannot help themselves and showing general acts of kindness to those who seems to get none. 
I did not grow up in church. I was not taught the love of Christ or of His grace. It was the worst thing my parents ever did to me and I refuse to repeat their mistakes with my children. Hopefully, as a first generation Christian family, we will start a trend for God that will last through all our generations, growing strong each step of the way.

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