Thursday, September 1, 2011

Story Time Ideas to Help Inhance:

So I found myself thumbing through some of the other blogs out there and I found this wonderful little resource on ideas to help improve your story times. Right about now I am wishing I could remember whose blog I saw this on so I could give proper credit (none of this comes from me) but I scanned through SO many I simply cannot say which one and I cannot locate it again :( Crappy I know and if this comes from you and your reading this, please let me know and I will link up ASAP to your site! I am horrible about flipping through things and copying what I like to use with my kids and most times the blog name or something will be in what I copy into word, but this time, I goofed up big time. That being said, there are some fabulous ideas here. I started using them this past week with my youngest son, who is almost 5 and has ADHD, so seems impossible to keep his attention at times. We started with books Ive already read so I knew what they were about and what we could gather to help enhance the experience. The book I picked was a Porcupine Named Fluffy by Helen Lester. I already had great lessons plans for the book  covering
  • Animals
  • Character and Values
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Friends and Friendship
and we have read it tons of times, so I thought it was a great beginners book to try these ideas out with. I have worksheets that go along with these lessons, but I simply am not versed enough with blogging and the like to upload pdfs here, so I like photos!

Ideas to choose from for your story time:

Ø  Visual: Supplementary video clips (Word or educational); books with pictures on a related subject; posters; flannel graphs pieces
Ø  Sensory:
§  Smell and/or tastes to bring and let them experience, bringing the story to life more (eg. a food it talked about, or perfume or flowers to smell, if applicable.)
§  Sound: Make sound effects (verbally, or with objects); use different sounding voices for different characters and emotions
§  Feel: Objects brought to touch, that story mentions
Ø  Music: Songs to sing or listen to about the story; instruments to play or make a version of
Ø  Drama/ Dress-up: Act out the story for them or with them; dress-up as characters in story; act out songs about story; do certain actions together while telling story, something that is happening (swaying in the boat, walking and leaping, praising the Lord, etc.)
Ø  Objects: Bring something talked about in story (wood, water, food, rock, etc)
Ø  Toys: Use toys to tell the story with, or show an item mentioned (animals, or doll for a baby); retell the story using toy people or animals.
Ø  Art: Paper activity (gluing, coloring, adding to a Word book)
Ø  Display: Use pictures, toys, objects, flannel graph pieces, word cards, to make a display of the story, to be seen throughout the day.
Ø  Reading: Word flash cards, of words or names used in story
Ø  Writing: Eye-hand co-ordination activities relating to it; coloring pictures; drawing lines and adding to a picture of it (eg. adding the “rain” for a story that talks about it)
Ø  Math: Dot flash cards (the amount talked about in story); items or toys of certain amounts to count and show; verbal counting
Ø  Picture Facts & books: Show educational pictures of things mentioned (if a story with birds, show pictures of types of birds; or trees, etc.)

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