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Weeks 1-3
A World of Adventure Test: History, Science, Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies and Anatomy
    1.       When you do something below the conscious level, without thinking, you are using your ___________________________?
2.       What do you add to the beginning of a word to change its meaning? _________________
3.       What word describes the process of adding syllables to the end of the word to change its meaning? ____________________
4.       What is the word called before you add syllables to the beginning and end called? ____________
5.       Refers to a syllable that is added at the beginning or the ending of a word to alter its meaning, to form a new word, or to show grammatical function: ___________________________
6.       The Greek word for time? ___________________
7.       The order of events from earliest to latest in time sequence: _____________________
8.       Who was Joseph? ________________ _________________
9.       What brother wanted to come back and rescue Joseph from the pit, only to realize he was sold into slavery? _________________________
10.   What did Jacob “Israel” give to Joseph that made his brothers jealous of him and confirm that Jacob loved him the most? ___________
11.    What was Joseph’s other name that God gave him? ___________
12.   Who buys Joseph in Egypt? _________________
13.   Who was the captain of the guard for Pharaoh? _______________
14.   A group of people or nation that has reached a high level of government, culture, science and industry is called what? ______________________
15.   What did the Egyptian people eat with? _____________
16.   What hemisphere does Egypt lie in? ____________ ___________
17.   The form of any account, narrative, or other communicative work whose assertions and descriptions are understood to be fact: _______________
18.   The form of any narrative or informative work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary is what type of book? ______________________
19.   A book wrote about a persons life is called what? ______________
20.   This type of book consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs and customs that are the traditions of that culture, subculture, or group are called: ____________ ___________________
21.   Books wrote about a certain time period or piece of history that are factual based are called: __________________________
22.   The most emotionally charged means of written expression and it consists of words arranged in patterns of sound and imagery to spark an emotional, and intellectual, response from us is called ______________________.
23.   Who dreamed of 7 years of famine and 7 years of prosperity? _________________
24.   What is the ie rule? (not in the word bank) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
25.   Who is brought back to their position after 3 days of telling their dream to Joseph and is asked by Joseph to remember him to the Pharaoh? _____________ ____________________
26.   If Joseph was 17 when sold into slavery to the Egyptians and he is 30 when Pharaoh puts him in charge of preparing for the famine-how long was he a slave and in prison for? _____________ __________
27.   Which one of Joseph’s son’s receives double blessing from Jacob? _______________________
28.   To have an excessive appreciation for one’s self, to feel you are superior to others is called ____________
29.   To feel overwhelming sadness, or despair for something or someone is called : _______________
30.   What is the study of the earth, its features, where they are formed and how they interrelate called? _______________________
31.   What are the two major lines that divide the globe in hemispheres or half? ____________ _______________ and _______________________
32.   Map: Label the major rivers of Egypt (see mom)
33.   1/5 of the Earths land surface is made up of what? ______________
34.   Plants that live in a certain biome are called _______________
35.   Animals that live in a certain type of biome are called ________________
36.   Plants and animals that live together in a certain biome are called __________________
37.   The condition of the Earth’s atmosphere over a long period of time is called: _____________________
38.   Day to day conditions of the atmosphere is called : _____________________
39.   The least dry deserts are called _____________________
40.   What are dry deserts called: ________________________
41.   Hyper-Arid deserts are the ___________________
42.   Genesis ____________ talks about when the brothers arrive in Egypt how Joseph remembers his child hood dream of his brothers bowing down to him.
43.   In Genesis _____________ Joseph cries at seeing his brothers and is overcome with emotions.
44.   The 4main elements in literature are: _________, ______________, _____________, and ______________.
45.   Continuing for a long period of time: _____________
46.   Our word aviation comes from this Latin word: ___________
47.   The upper half of the atmosphere is called the : ________________________
48.   ½ of the earth is called a : ___________________
49.   The type of camel that has 2 humps: ____________________
50.   Were in Genesis does Joseph give his brothers 1 last opportunity to leave Egypt without Benjamin: __________________
51.   What does Judah offer to give up for Benjamin: __________ __________
52.   What describes the beginning of the story and gives the background, setting, and introduction of characters called ________________
53.   What shows the 5 parts of a story: ____________ _____________
54.   An element of suspense is introduced as problems arise in this part of literature: ________________ __________________
55.   Diorama means? _____________ _______________
56.   The process of changing from a liquid to a vapor is called:_________________
57.   In Genesis 45-46 Josephs’ family is instructed to settle in the city of ___________ which is adjacent to Canaan and unsettled by the Egyptians.
58.   The design of buildings and structures is called: ______________
59.   The high point of tension in a story is called _____________
60.   What are the 2 sub-tropic belts called that most deserts lie between? _________ _____ __________ and ______ _______ _______________
61.    The ____________ have climates that are perfect for forming deserts because they have large masses of moving dry air that falls and are warmed there.
62.   Ocean winds that blow across cold currents on land are called? __________ _____________
63.   The process by which one substance, such as a solid or liquid, takes up another substance, such as a liquid or gas, through minute pores or spaces between its molecules. A paper towel takes up water, and water takes up carbon dioxide, by _____________, also in biology it is The movement of a substance, such as a liquid or solute, across a cell membrane by means of diffusion or osmosis.
64.   What was the main river that the Egyptian relied on to grow crops such as barley and wheat and also for their source of water? __________
65.   The problems that lead to an action in a story are called ______________
66.   How many types of conflict are there? _____
67.   A struggle within a person to make a big decision and cannot decide is what type of conflict? ____ vs. __________
68.   A character against another character is what type of conflict? __________ vs ____________
69.   When temperature, water and wind change the landscape it is called what? _______________
70.   When metal is turned into a liquid by heating it, what is the process called? __________________
71.   They process of using yeast to change something, normally fruit, into alcohol: ______________
72.   A tool used to squeeze and hold an object together so work can be done: ____________
73.   To hide or cover up: ____________
74.   To be wary or watchful, guarded or on alert: ___________
75.   Clear, bright, intense and full of life: _________
76.   Anno Domini stands for, in the year of the Lord and __________
77.   Before Christ: ____________
78.   What is a antonym for powerful? ___________
79.   The prefix ant means __________
80.   Annual or years Greek word is :______________
81.   The desert temperature falls quickly at night to sometimes below freezing? True or False
82.   a plant community characterized by vegetation dominated by shrubs, often also including grasses, herbs, and geophytes is called _________________
83.   What is the largest desert in the world: _______________
84.   A period of extreme droughts, were there is limited to no food, and water is called a : __________
85.   What do the Egyptians place the deads body into before they put them inside the pyramid tombs? ________________
86.   The process of making life: _______________
87.   When one is able to adapt to ones surroundings is called: ____________
88.   The spine consist of these: ______________
89.   The building up of layers or arranging of layers: ______________
90.   Used to dry out the body during the process of mummification: _____________
91.   The external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body, in contrast to the internal skeleton: ______________
92.   The food cycle is called: _________________ ___________
93.   A form that has regular lines and shapes is referred to as _______________
94.   A geographic location is its height above a fixed reference point, most commonly a reference geoid, a mathematical model of the Earth's sea _______________
95.   To spend the summer, as at a specific place or in a certain activity: _________________
96.   To spend the summer, as at a specific place or in a certain activity: __________________
97.   A muscular, hollow, dilated part of the alimentary canal which functions as an important organ of the digestive tract: ________________
98.   A vital organ present in vertebrates and some other animals. It has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, and protein synthesis is called: _________________
99.   The essential respiration organ in many air-breathing animals, including most tetrapods, a few fish and a few snails: ________________
100.                        The segment of the alimentary canal extending from the pyloric sphincter of the stomach to the anus: _________________________
101.                        Half of a circle is called the _________________
102.                        Any straight line segment that passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints are on the circle is called: _______________
103.                        The nonrandom process by which biologic traits become more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. It is a key mechanism of evolution: _____________ ______________________

Extra Credit: Worth 15 points each
1.       Draw a time line of your life from birth till today
2.       Make up a plot line for your life using the 5 main elements of literature

Word Bank

Root word
Jacobs’s son
North East
Folk tale
Chief Cupbearer

13 years
Prime Meridian
His Life
Plot line
Rising action
View through
Tropic of Capricorn
Cold current
Man vs. Himself
Man vs. Man

Natural Selection
Food web

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