Monday, October 17, 2011

Drizzels birthday

Today is my little mans 5th Birthday! This is the day the Lord decided to bless me with my handsome son and make my joy full! What can I say about birthdays? There is something about them that makes everything seem so magical and all the cares of the world disappear. A time of joy, reflection and promises to come. I am so thrilled that I have been blessed with such a wonderful family. God has given us so much and its days like this, when I can go and buy my kids gifts and celebrate with family that I truly realize all that I have been given and how blessed our family really is. We always alternate between home parties with family only one year and then the next they get to have a party to invite all their friends and they can go, within reason, pretty much anywhere to celebrate. Since we have 3 kids, we had to rotate based on closeness to holidays and each other. There bdays are in Jan, March and Oct, so we never let Jan and March both get a celebrate anywhere party the same year! Were lower middle class,keep in mind :) Anyway we had a blast and by the blurrs on the camera I am guessing my son loved what he got!
Sorry about the photos, I am still working on learning how to manipulate them to do what I want and not what they want. There winning right now, by the way~

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