Monday, January 9, 2012


I decided that I needed to revamp our home school routine a bit. Both my daughter and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. We simply cannot seem to find our flow and get things moving in a stress free type environment. I work FT out of the home so that means we school at night. My daughter wants to use a combination of unit studies and individual studies, so I am trying to incorporate both into her learning. She wants to cover one topic at a time, so it’s difficult to give her everything that she wants, so we had to come up with a compromise to school work.

Monday: Mystery of History and Geography (newspapers: look for locations mentioned in the paper)/Drama Class from 6:30-7:30/Bible

Tuesday: Language Arts/Writing/Spelling (National Spelling Bee word list)/AWANA from 6:00-7:45/Bible

Wednesday: Life of Fred Math/Khan Academy for reinforcement of lessons/Exploring Creation Science/Bible

Thursday: AWOA: Greece/Unit Study/Bible

 Friday: Art/Music (possible the flute, but also the keyboard/piano)/Bible


Geography: (maps, puzzles, quiz) (maps, puzzles, quiz, games)

Science: (great site for games)

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