Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun at AWANA

 I love being an AWANA leader and I absolutely love the kids I am privileged enough to get to work with. We do so much incredibly work for Gods glory and by His hand only, but we also have a huge amount of FUN. So many of these kids do not know Christ and come up to AWANA on their own and to church with no parents. All for the love of the God that he is touching their lives through us and so many others and showing them mercy, kindness, teaching, patience, acceptance and and an over abundance of LOVE. These kids need to see the adults in their lives and have a good time with them. That being a child of God is not dull, boring and stuffy. That we enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy spending time together.We love to goof off and play games with these kids. Telling stories of our salvation, our need for Christ in our lives and the victory that can only and will only be found in Him.

 Here are just a few pics of us playing dodge ball last week. The kids love when we go leaders versus kids. They get a huge kick out of it and honestly we kinda like it to ;)
The lowdown and the face off going on at the same time. Notice the joy on the kids. they talked smack the whole time while bouncing balls off us like we were the bakboard to the basketball goal. It was so much FUN! What better way to mentor to kids than to get on their level and let them see you as human and someone they can talk to and confide in.

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