Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Estimation

We all love Valentine's Day. There is something magically and lovely about it. People go out of their way to be kind, show love and appreciation to each other. How I wish these attitudes of brotherhood/sisterhood would stay year round as the Lord wants them too.  Well for Valentine's Day we like to make learning FUN! So for math we decided to take it back a few notches and do estimations. What better thing to estimate than candy on V-Day? We had tons of candy hearts, Hershey kisses, plain M&M's and Peanut Butter M&M's to try and estimate. I made a very fancy little grid to keep track of our estimates. I know fancy right! Don't get all excited you can make one too with your specials note cards and pens. Tehe.
 As you can tell estimations are not really our thing. We are horrendous at it, but hey we had fun.
Pictures....ah I love pictures, never would guess that would you? So here are our 2 containers we used. I try to tell kids that size matters in estimation. That things that are larger will appear to be holding less than things that are smaller, but that is not always the case. (depth x length x width) 

As you can tell by the drool coming out from my daughter she was ready to get things going so she could devour the math!

Here they are really thinking, counting, comparing and ultimately giving me a number that they hope will be accurate. Whoever got the closest to all candies got to keep that jar.
My baby cant count higher than 20 in order so it was humerus to my daughter to watch him keep going after that. We got to thousands, millions, then to tens, it was funny actually. I made sure we gave our numbers first so he would have a good guess.
Here is my son letting me know that 200 pieces were in this one. I made them break it down by category of candy and then we added up their numbers to see if that was the one they wanted to stick with.

After we recorded all our guess it was time to count. My little girl helped with the grouping and multiplying part and my youngest was responsible for putting them back in the right container.

After all the tallying here are our numbers....yep we bite at this game. We each won in one catagory but none of us even got close. We are a pathetic bunch, but a full candy hyper bunch!

This is my Drizzle Fizzle's victory dance because he beat me and his sister in his category! WE never gloat as you can tell. LOL

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