Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Love Most About My Princess-June

Month: June

Special Days: Sitting around watching movies, listening to music and you showing me your art drawings you make on the computer. Also swimming with you.

Favorite Stories: Oh baby, you are my little drama queen right now. Your emotions are all over the place and your hormones are in full gear. The pre-teen year. I cannot say that I am loving it. you test me ALOT and make it challenging for sure. I know understand so much of what my mom must have went through with me. You are tyring to be so independent, but are still so innocent and naive about the world that we but heads on most subjects nowadays. From what we watch, eat, wear, go, etc...its hard. I love you so very much though and know that all these arguments we are having know it ground work for a firm foundation you will develop in Christ. I see such beauty in you already waiting to burst out onto this world it amazes me. My best memory this month is probably over your love of wrestling and my distaste for the things there wear and the language they use. We argue over this alot, way to much. We had to go so far as to change your facebook account to your favorite wrestler "AJ" to show you how easy it it to pretend to be someone you are not on facebook. I still don't think the importance of it has really hit you.

Fabulous Photo:  To come
Greatest Quotes:  "Why do you hate me?" and " They always dated in the Bible to find who they liked so they didn't marry someone bad"  I have heard this too much lately and it all stems all from the topics of dating, modesty, humility, temptation and other character traits your dad and I are trying to instill in you. It is still to this day a fight we will fight. You do not understand why we wont let you date (besides the fact that you are only 12) to why you cannot wear halter tops and skinny jeans to bikinis. you my dear, sweet little girl may be the death of me yet!
What has impressed me most about you this month: Your desire to be independent and do things on your own terms. yes, it drives me BONKERS, but maturity is always welcomed and in our quest to develop our own identities we stumble, make mistakes and dust our selves off. You are doing just that. You stick to what you believe is right and true, even when we don't agree and that does impress me. It shows strength, leadership and says alot about your character. You do not buckle and that is a good thing. You will need that through out life as you stand on Christs will for you and His word that goes against everything this world will try and teach you and mold you into. I know you are planting the foundation of Christ in your heart and your life and I am very proud of you for that.

Where I hope to see you grow: Patience. you are so rushed for everything in life. i wish you would learn to slow down and appreciate what you have now instead of always looking ahead. its good to look for your future and to plan and dream. just don't get so far ahead that you fail to see the gifts and beauty that are in your life know.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:

1. Hospital visit- you had swimmers ear! Very painful, very nasty experience. Why than is it on my favorite things I did with you this month? Simple. I made me realize how much you still need me for the small things in life. It also showed me that you are still vulnerable, and that I can easily comfort you and help you with your fear and help you deal with the pain you are feeling by simply being there for you. Sometimes I see how quickly you are growing and how independent you are tyring to be and I forget that you still need me just as much as you did when you were a little girl. This trip was a good reminder to me that although you are growing up.
2. Bible Bee; That's right, bible bee. I entered you in the 2012 National Bible Bee contest. We have over 66 verses to memorize and we are doing a in depth study on 2 Timothy. You are made about it because its a lot of work, but I have faith in you and I know through the Lord you can accomplish all things! More on this to come.
3. Alone Time: We don't get this very often and even when you do its not for very long. I know you keep asking for more mommy/daughter time and I keep meaning to give it to you, but life keeps getting in the way. If  we are lucky we can watch a whole movie uninterrupted or play a complete board game, but its very seldom and getting worse. This is something i promise you I will make more time for. Its important for me to spend quality time with you, bonding, learning about you and sharing life with you. I love hearing about your day. your hopes and dreams. The things that are bothering you and upsetting you too.

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