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 Items needed: coupons
 Invite your kids to help you clip some coupons and redeem them at the store. Add up the amount saved with the coupons and use the money to buy a special treat (depending on the amount—ice cream, game, etc.) for your family.
 The company that made the product (Kellogg's, Proctor and Gamble, etc.) will redeem any coupons that have their name on them. They pay the amount printed on the coupon (25, 50 cents, or more) to the store. Then, the store pays that amount (or more, if your store doubles coupons).
 What does it mean to redeem something? (To pay money for it, to buy it back, etc.)
 The store redeemed our coupons by paying money for them.
 How did Boaz redeem Ruth? (He paid money to buy her family's land back so her family would have an inheritance)
 God made a rule that when a lady's husband died; his brother or other family member could marry her to keep the family name going (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). Boaz, who was related to her husband, was willing to pay whatever money was needed to be Ruth’s redeemer.
 Jesus Is Our Redeemer
 Items needed: slips of paper and a jar (to hold the slips)
 Make a new rule: Every time a child does something wrong, he or she must pay $10. If they don't have the money, they must put an IOU for $10 in the jar. Every time they disobey, talk back, act in unkind ways, fight, argue, complain, boast, steal, covet, lie, etc, make them put the money in or write their name on the IOU and put it in the jar. Probably by the end of the day, you will have quite a collection of IOU's!
 Gather everyone together and pour out the IOU's. Talk about how they broke the rule and should pay.
 We went our own way and sinned against God, so we had a big debt of sin to pay with no way to pay for our sins. God made the rule that sin had to be punished. He required that a payment had to be made for the sin of everyone in the world. The only way sin could be forgiven was if someone (who had never sinned) would give His life (blood) as the payment for sin.
 Who could (or would be willing) to do this? (Jesus)
 Rip up every IOU.
 God loves us and wanted to redeem us so He sent Jesus to pay the price for sin. Jesus was willing to give up His life to pay for our sins. He paid a very high price for us.
 Say a prayer of thanks to God for paying for our sins.

 Who Am I?
 Play the game “Who Am I?” to review characters from the Bible. (If your students use the D6 Curriculum, these will be the characters they have learned about this quarter.) Family members should take turns asking questions for the other members to guess the character.
1.   God chose me to be the new leader of the Israelites.
2.   I led the Israelites around the city of Jericho.
3.   I lived to be 110 years old.
1.   I helped some spies escape from the king's men.
2.   I knew God had given the land of Jericho to the Israelites.
3.   My family and I were the only survivors when the city of Jericho was destroyed.
1.   Because of my action, 36 men died when the Israelites fought against the people of Ai.
2.   I disobeyed God by stealing things from the city of Jericho and hiding them under my tent.
3.   As a consequence for my disobedience, my family and I were killed.
1.   An angel appeared to me and told me I would be a hero.
2.   I asked for a sign that it was truly God speaking to me.
3.   I defeated the Midianite army with only 300 men.
1.   I took a Nazarite vow.
2.   I am an enemy of the Philistines.
3.   I am a man of incredible strength.
1.   I am a woman.
2.   I am greedy and not very loyal.
3.   I convinced Samson to tell me the secret of his strength.

1.   I chose to follow my mother-in-law.
2.   I was gathering food in a field when I met my future husband.
3.   After we married, we had a son whom we named Obed.
1.   My husband died so I decided to return to my homeland, Israel.
2.   I changed my name to Mara, which means bitterness.
3.   My daughter-in-law begged to stay with me.
1.   I own a large field.
2.   I am a kinsman-redeemer.
3.   I gave my sandal to my future wife's relative to show that I wanted to buy the property that belonged to her family.   

***If help is needed, write the names of all the people on a white board or piece of paper for them to look at and choose from.
**From the D6 Family**

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