Monday, March 18, 2013

Bear's Underwear Mystery: A Count-and-Find-It Adventure by Todd Goldman

About the Book:
A mysterious message arrives for Bear, inviting him on a scavenger hunt for-what else?-underwear! Bear must find all 10 pairs in order to make his way to the Fun-to-wear, a party about underwear. A rhyming text, cartoon-style illustrations, and side tabs add further fun for younger kids.

Bear is Everywhere: The series now has six titles for ages 4 and up, with a bedtime book to come.
Popular Pop Artist: Goldman’s work is a favorite of MTV, where he is currently developing several shows.

Boy and Girl Appeal: Bear and his many adventures will appeal to both boys and girls.

My Review:
My six year old really enjoyed this juvenile fiction book.  He loved counting along with each found pair of underwear, laughed at the silly way the underwear was decorated and like searching for patterns to the story with me. Before we opened the book he was counting the numbers on the front.  The illustrations were beautifully done. Each page captured my sons attentions with bright, vivid colors and a great character that was welcoming. My son got really excited that he knew the colors and that the page color matched the underwear color as well. I think the only thing he did not like about it, was he wished it was more like the I Spy books while he read the clues and had to find the underwear.Overall the book was a delight to read and I would recommend it for anyone with kids 1st grade and younger or for struggling readers.

About the Author:
Todd Goldman is a well-known "pop artist," and in addition to the bestselling Bear in Underwear books, is the author/illustrator of The Zoo I Drew, Girls Are Weirdos But They Smell Pretty! and Boys Are Stupid, ThrowRocks at Them! He is also in development with MTV for several shows. The author lives in California.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blue Apple Books via Edelweiss for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 
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