Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boat Works by Tom Slaughter

About the Book:
Uses the same signature format and style as the series' previous titles. The question "What boat am I?" and a linked written clue invites kids to lift the first portion of the folded page to reveal another clue and more of the featured boat, and then a final fold-out shows the entire vessel. Fold-out on the final spread reveal a bright and bustling harbor scene with all the featured boats. Those featured are: sailboat, tugboat, ocean liner, rowboat, ferry, houseboat, and barge.

A hands-on guessing game: Unfold the page portions, read the clues, use your ship-smarts and—ta-da!—who knew there was an entire ocean liner hidden under there?

Juvenile Nonfiction / Transportation
Ages 2 to 5
My Review:

My son adored learning about six different types  of boats and some of the specific characteristics and functions of each one of them. Since he has cousin that is in the Navy, this was a great book to help show him some of the things his cousin does and sees.  The colors are bright and give a strong sense of the sea, which I really liked.  The pictures are simple, but wonderfully illustrated.   Boat Works is a simple book that asks the question, “Who am I?”  and provides a few simple clues as the pages unfold into a poster size page with the answer.  I would recommend this lovely little book to anyone who dreams of being on the sea and has a fascination with boats.

About the Author:

Tom Slaughters dazzling "collage+" art often has the quality of seeming to levitate off the pages. What could be better for a book portraying things that float? Throughout his career, and in recent contributions to Blue Apple Books' Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?, Mr. Slaughter continues to garner recognition, acclaim, and enchanted readers. The author lives in New York, New York.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Blue Apple Books in return for an honest review. The opions expressed are my own.
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