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Twisted Wolf by Perry Perrett-CWA Review

Twisted Wolf by Perry Perrett

ISBN: 978-0-9888438-0-6  | List Price: Softcover $14.99 Kindle $2.99|Format: Softcover or Kindle | Page Count: 397

About the Book:

What if the most upright person, stumbles? Oh, and that person, is the President of the United States? And, in the process of attempting to conceal his mistake, he is accused of treason and murder?

Army Lieutenant Josh Davis suffers a devastating tragedy while home on military leave. Trusting God for strength, he triumphs, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor. But heroism comes with consequences.

Years later, a conservative group asks Josh to run for the Oval Office. To his surprise, to get there, he must campaign against his father-in-law, a former one-term President. Their political, and personal, embattlement ends with a surprising twist of fate.

Discover what happens when Josh finds himself in the highest office in the nation. His pride increases, devours his faith and he gives into temptation. Observe as he attempts to cover up his sin. Witness his wife as she watches her husband’s downward spiral and potential guilt. Walk with Josh, as he struggles with his own inner conflict of trusting God. Is it too late to save his marriage and his presidency? Ascertain his guilt during his impeachment for treason and the murder of six Navy SEALs.

Facing temptations and struggling with faith, Josh Davis is presented as a guy we can all relate to who wants to do something great with his life but gets in his own way. With a parallel to the Bible story of David and Bathsheba, this modern-day story takes you onto the battlefield, behind closed doors at the White House, and in the courtroom before the eyes of the world as the president has to answer to the charges of murder and immorality. Twisted Wolf shows the dangers and struggles a man faces when put to the test. With faith as an underlying theme and issue at the center of the story, Twisted Wolf delivers a punch not just to the gut but to the heart as well.

My Review:

I thought I would adore book coming from a military family and its a right up my genre.Unfortunately I could not get into the writing style and feel like I was a part of the book. Normally when I read a story I feel like I am a part of it and when you step away its like you hit pause only to return to the action when you pick the book back up. Instead I felt like a bystander merely watching from the outside. The book is wrote as if its going to be a play or a movie and the author is giving commentary over the actors.

The book moves really slow for the first quarter, picks up some and keeps a good pace. The book has a decent plot to the story and the characters are likeable, and well developed.  The book was kind of depressing as toward the middle as you watch Josh’s life spin out of control while his wife is pretty passive about the whole thing, but then again when we hit our lowest is when we need God the most. After all who does not need Gods total forgiveness for our sinful lives? I know I do and I think that was the point that the author was trying to convey.  

 The author makes great use of his military background and achieving ranking and the jealousy and plots that form as you try to push ahead in your career. I did enjoy how he cleverly  twisted military life, politics and  biblical faith together. Overall I would give this book 4 stars.

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Author BIO:

Perry Perrett, when not escaping reality in a story, is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a graduate of Mississippi College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Perry also served in the Mississippi Air Guard during the Persian Gulf War. He lives with his wife, Kathie, in Mississippi. They have two grown sons.

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