Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of High School Jitters?

So you are finally at the end of your school journey and ready to let your son or daughter conquer the world. So why do you have this nagging feeling and all you can think of is did I do enough? Did I cover all the material? Did I make an impact? Are they ready to move forward?  My eldest will soon graduate and we will send him off to college and turn him loose into the secular world on his own for the first time and I myself have these same fears and doubts. As a mom we worry about our kids and if we did enough for them. Did our time matter and did we use it well to glorify God.  Well lets take a look and see shall we?

Ready to Do:
Do they have good study skills?
Do they know how to research information?
Can they write an essay?
Do they communicate clearly?
Can they balance a checkbook or know how to use an online program?
Can they cook a meal?
Do they know how to clean and organize a household?
Do they know how to care for young children?
Are they teachable?

Ready to Face:
Do they have a Biblical worldview?
Are they strong in their faith?
Can they articulate their convictions?
Have they read the Bible through?
Are they influenced by peer pressure?
Do they know how to handle stressful situations?
Are they fervent in prayer?
Are they serving the Lord with the gifts and abilities He's given them?

Most Important:
Do they love God?
Do they love others?

If you can answers most of these in the affirmative you did you fabulous job, don't worry. you will be there for them when they stumble and lets face it they will stumble-we all do. So hold your head high and congratulate your child as they take the next step in their journey knowing you fully support them and have faith in them to tackle anything that is to come there way.

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