Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kindergarten Last 6 Weeks

This last 6 weeks of Kindergarten have been a challenge. Trying to make sure my Drizzle is on par with what is recommend he knows and what I want him to know sometimes class. My little man struggles with writing, but is getting better with recognizing his words and sounding them out. It is without a doubt a patient needing process, but one well worth the payoff in the end. Sometimes I have to sit back and remind my self that he is not any other child. he is my child and I should not compare him academically to other kids, just as I would compare him in other ways.

1.Number hats-made wearable hats with numbers and pictures going around it from 1-15. He colored the pictures, cut and paste onto hat.
2.All About Texas Coloring Book
3. Ladybugs
4. Making our own flower garden with construction paper 
5. Making colored cowboy boots ex. Do you see the red boot? You copy the sentence and color the boot red.
6. Beavers-draw and label a beaver.

a. We write each verse out then discuss it
b. They say verse daily
c.  Each time I catch them doing an act that contradicts the verse, they have to say the verse and tell me what they did wrong and how to correct the actions.

  1. Acts 9:36-43: The story of Dorcas-We show our love for Jesus by helping others.
  2. 1 Thessalonians 5:17- Pray continually
  3.  Sibling Conflict: Matthew 5:9, Romans 12:21, Eph 4:2-3
  4. Unkind words/language: Proverbs 15:11 and Eph 4:29
  5. Awana- character training
  6. Cub Scouts/American Heritage Girls-character building/training

 Daily Sentences: 
a. We write the sentence correctly the first day
b. The second day I write it without proper capitalization or punctuation and he re-writes it correctly. 
c. The third day we go over the sentences together again
d. Fourth day he writes the sentences correctly as I read them. 
3. Day five we go back over day 4 sentences. We repeat this each week with 2-3 sentences a week.

  1. Can you play with me?
  2. I can make a cake for my mom.
  3. He likes to play with the blocks.
  4. Mrs. Greene said, "Do not make a mess!"
  5. This is not my book.
  6. Look at this rock!
  7. Are the dishes put up?
  8. She went with us to the store.
  9.  We hope to win the game.
  10. He is at the back of the bus.
  11. She is writing on the back of her paper.
  12. I can go back to the park tomorrow. 
  13. Is mom going to make us lunch?
  14. This book is just fine for me.
  15. My dog likes to play fetch.
  16. We will make a big cake for the party.
  17. Did Tom have a snack?
  18. I like milk.
  19. May I eat in bed?
  20. Kim and I had a snack.
  21. May Pat an I have milk?
Graphing review
Weight, capacity and numbers review
Pattern reiew
Geometry Review

Social Studies: 
  1. Physical Characteristics of Places-locations have distinct characteristics.  
  2. Obtaining Goods and Services-People obtain goods through self producing, trading and purchasing. 
  1. Plants-Parts of the plan, planting, caring for, using your science eyes to mark changes (compare/contrast) on a weekly basis of plants we grew of different type.
  2. Ladybugs : My Ladybug Family Freebie here

  1. Inferring
  2. Read and Enjoy Good Books! Author Study
  3. Poetry
 Phonological Awareness: 
  1. hearing the long /o/  sound in spoken words such as -oke, and -ope word families (hope, rope, poke, scope, scope, cope, nope, mope, coke, broke, smoke, stroke, spoke, stoke, choke, joke, woke, yoke)
  2. long /a/ vowel sounds as in -ay and -ake word families
  3. Simple plurals blending
  4. hearing the silent /e/
  5. hearing the long /i/ word families _ike, _ine
  6. digraphs (ch, th, sh, sp, st, sl, sn)

The Grouchy Ladybug
My School Shoes

From Seed to Plant
We Planted a Tree
So Many Ways to Eat

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