Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When God Intervenes

An Extraordinary Story of Faith, Hope, and the Power of Prayer :Dabney Hedegard


“She’ll never make it through the night”

When Dabney Hedegard was six weeks pregnant, doctors discovered an eight-inch tumor embedded in her chest. She was diagnosed with cancer and opted to postpone treatment until further along in her pregnancy. This marked the beginning of a ten-year battle against cancer, cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse, pulmonary embolism, acute pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory failure, and heart failure. In each instance, Dabney was given less than a 30 percent chance of surviving, and twice doctors told her husband, “She’ll never make it through the night.” But each time the doctors had given up hope, God intervened, miraculously rescuing Dabney from death’s doorstep. Part medical drama, part account of divine intervention, Dabney’s extraordinary story is a fast-paced, emotional roller-coaster ride that will have you crying one moment and cheering the next. Dabney’s journey is an indisputable testament to the undeniable power of prayer

My Review: 
Beautiful and amazing story of letting God control your life, against all odds. keeping your faith, hope and eyes on Him for guidance in all things, no matter how fearful you might be or how unexpected life might become. This was am amazing, uplifting story or love and sacrifice. Beautifully told, you will not be able to put this book down. I laughed, cried and my heart was overfilled. The faithfulness to God of this family is inspiring. Dabey's willingness to continue to serve God through all her trials is what the true christian walk should like like. Yes, we get beaten down, yes, we don't understand why always, but what we do know is that God is perfect and He has our best interest at heart so we follow gladly, filled with the power of the spirit and that is exactly what Dabey did. While reading this phenomenal book I found myself asking " How is God transforming my heart? I am I listening and walking in obedience to His will above my own?"

I would highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with the circumstances in thier life and needing a reminder that we are not in control-God is. The sooner we learn to lean on Him through our trials, the more fulfilling our lives will be.


Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book free from Tyndale Publishing via Net Gallery in exchange for my honest opinion and review. My opinion no way reflects those of Tyndale or Net Gallery. 

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