Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Fuel Type Is It? Trim Healthy Mamma

Many of you know that I just started the Trim Healthy Mamma lifestyle change. My biggest issue and many other women's seems to be knowing for each meal I eat  
"What Fuel Type Is It?" I've noticed some ladies saying that they are very frustrated with trying to figure out what fuel type their meals are. I am right there with you. Then I found this lovely graphic on the THM facebook site posted by Kathy D and it has changed my life! Hopefully this will help a ll of you as well in better illustrating if you are eating an "S" meal, "E" meal or Fuel Power "FP" meal. 
I also keep this handy chart available as well. I keep both taped to the inside of my cabinet door for easy access:

What tricks have you learned for successfully doing Trim Healthy Mamma?

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