Thursday, April 30, 2015

What I Love About Drake-April 2015

Scripture Verse: Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child up in the way he should go; and when he is older, he shall not depart from it. "
Favorite Photo...

Favorite Things We Did: You learned to ride your bike on your own this month. You decided you were ready for the training wheels to come off and then you took off! You had me hold you for one trip up and down the road and then you felt you were good to go, and you were! You had no problems riding, turning, breaking, you were an old pro. We also dyed Easter Eggs, celebrated Easter with a great hunt indoors, since it poured rain for 3 straight days before Easter and all day on Easter. You got to meet Jamie Benn, captain for the Dallas Stars. to top the month off you also finished your first AWANA Sparks book all the way through and started your 2nd book.

What Things You Are Into

Things we enjoy doing together: Rangers opening day! Yep, this is the first time we have actually been able to go to opening day with the Rangers. I have always had to work and could not take off, but this year we got to go and had AMAZING seats to boot! We also played our first glow in the dark mini golf game. We went with Mason and Delaney and met Delaney's friend  who works there. We also got to see the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 4th.

What you want to be when you grow up: I don't think this one is changing anytime soon. You are stuck on professional sports player with baseball and hockey. I have come to accept it. There are times through you say you want to work for Green Peace and Mercy for Animals as well. You hate watching their videos, but keep watching them.

New Sayings: "That's so gay. He's so gay. She's so gay. Your gay." Pretty much any way you can say it, you have been saying it. This is literally driving all of us crazy. Your sister started it a few months back, outgrew it, but it stuck with you. It has to be the biggest thing you get in trouble for lately. You get so upset that you get in trouble, yet you keep on using this phrase.

Struggles and Accomplishment: Honesty has been a big issue with you this month. You have been telling alot of lies and stick to them even when you are busted. Soap is not your friend. That's all I will say on that topic. You are also really missing your daddy. You still cry for him most nights and ask a 1000 questions.

Your Style: Does naked Drake count? You would prefer to be in your underwear all day with your blanket draped across you. You seem to think that is "getting dressed". Music wise you still love gospel: Toby Mac, Skillet, David Crowder Band, Capitol Kings, Mercy Me etc. You also love Maroon 5, Big time Rush, One Direction and Taylor Swift.

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