Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arenas Family-El Monte, California

enjoying his seat

Well, this week has been kinda of a slow week, regarding going out and doing things. We barbecued Thursday at home, swam and played in the sprinklers  at home on Friday and Sat we went to the Dallas Children's Theater to see the Frog Prince. I had State/Federal Survey in my office at work, so I was pretty worn out when I got home, than we still had school work to do, therefore, we stayed in most of this week :(. Rest assure that your little buddy did have fun. I took pics of him swimming, helping out with the cooking (not a bad cook either) and watching the puppet show. BYW the puppet show was a black light puppet show, originating from Czechoslovakia. Here is a little history....Black light puppet - A form of puppetry where the puppets are operated on a stage lit only with ultraviolet lighting, which both hides the puppeteer and accentuates the colors of the puppet. The puppeteers perform dressed in black against a black background, with the background and costume normally made of black velvet. The puppeteers manipulate the puppets cheese the light, while they position themselves unseen against the black unlit background. Controlling what the audience sees is a major responsibility of any puppeteer, and blacklight lighting provides a new way of accomplishing this. Puppets of all sizes and types are able to be used, and glow in a powerful and magical way. The original concept of this form of puppetry can be traced to Bunraku puppetry. I got the info from this site, that also lists all the different types of puppets http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puppet
The puppet show was amazing and the barbecues food was not that bad either! All in all your buddy had a good week. At least he didn't have to defend himself against anymore giraffes!


Today we went to the Ft. Worth zoo and met all sorts of wild and crazy animals. I still love the Dallas Zoo better, but hey, we all have our preferences. The Ft. Worth zoo does have my White Bengal Tiger that I LOVE so much. The kids love the kangaroos, elephant and cheetahs so we spend alot of time there, no matter what zoo we go to. Now I have to let you know one small little thing and please don't be too mad. Your little buddy got a little too close to the giraffes and got his cape taken off, but we did get it back. OK the zoo keeper got it back, she didn't like us trying to grab it back out of his/her mouth. Its intake and I will try to end him up before he comes back to you. I didn't realize your buddy would have to fight for his life with a Giraffe of all creators, but let me tell you he sure can hold his own! We did get lots of great pics and video with much better sound so I hope you guys really enjoy.

This is the view from the top of Beaumont Ranch were the Civil War took place
Drizzle Fizzle at the Fish Fry, eating cereal and apricots

The Town Raid
The Civil War
Well I have to say that your buddy has had an incredibly busy last few days. He went with us to see the Dallas Stars v. Flyers on the 9th at American Airlines Center. The game was fabulous, but we lost :(, but we lost in a shoot out of all things, so I dont count it as a grand victory for the Flyers, just my opinion. Then on the 10th we went out to eat for my moms B-Day. I wont tell you how old she is, she'll get all kinds of mad. Lets just say we are planning the funeral! just joking, seriously, I love my mom. Friday, we set sail for our venture into the past to see a reenactment of the Civil War out at Beaumont Ranch. First, we hit up a fish fry, with all you can eat catfish (we are vegetarian, so that was a loss on us), all you can eat soup and salad bar, a bounce house, bucking bronco, live music and good ol fashion conversation. It was alot of fun and we stayed till we couldn't keep our eyes open then went and crashed back in our room. The next day was the Civil War. It started with a town raid and ended with the reenactment of the war. The raid was my kids favorite part, I think mainly because they got see someone die right in front of them. lol I hope you like the pics and video I send to you. You cannot hear the sound that well because it was incredibly windy. One little historical fact about Beaumont Ranch is it sits on Chisholm Trail, just thought that was kinda neat.

Today was a good day.Today was the day your flying flat traveler arrived at our home! The kids were so excited and loved his little cape, especially my youngest, Drizzle Fizzle. He took him flying around the house and than out to see our dog, Jack. hes a boxer and wanted very much to play with you when you arrived. You got to go play some basketball with Drizzle Fizzle who has been having a hard week filled with dental surgery and hospital visits, so he was very happy to have someone to play with.
Mesquite Convention center with Princess and Drizzle Fizzle

MY birthday cake and card. very yummy
Drizzle Fizzle and you playing basketball:
Drizzle Fizzle loves the Wii, especially Wipe Out
Showing off his Wii games
At the Mesquite Rodeo
The front door to our church
You got to do all sorts of things today. Play basketball with Drizzle Fizzle, which is one of his favorite things in the world. He freaked when he got to see the Harlem Globetrotters last month.  You also got to watch Drizzle Fizzle play wipe out on the Wii. That's one of his favorite shows to watch and play.  You guys had alot of great conversations about what was happening, so you must have enjoyed it. The kids took you on a tour of Mesquite as well. You got to see the Blue Bell Ice cream creamery, our church-Centerpoint, The Mesquite Rodeo, The Mesquite Opera House, The Mesquite Convention Center and also you wen to eat with us at Spaghetti Warehouse for my B-Day. Then you came back home and ate ice cream and played hang man on the wii with the family, following up with Space Chimps the movie before we all passed out for the night! Great first day!
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