Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Well today is my birthday ( I wont say which one, :) but its not my 21st) and I cannot think of a better way to spend it than with my family! I woke this morning to my little one, Drizzle Fizzle, telling me "happy birthday mommy." I loved it. Then the rest jumped in and started singing a song. Life is so good and I am so blessed by the Lord in ways I cannot even express. Then I get to work and my teenage son wants me to pick him up for lunch to have time alone with his heart melts, but I cant show it or he'll change his mind of course...teenagers. Then I get back to work and my boss and co-workers went out and bought me a Italian Creme cake and  birthday card! I love my job, great people, great friends and all Godly people to make it even better. See how blessed I am truly. I also get the job offer Ive been waiting for...Juvenile Probation Officer!!!!!! This is what I went to school for, this is what I will do with my life and I am so super psyched I cant form it into words. (happy dance, happy dance).
Now I get to go home and play games with my kids tonight (yes, we love board games and the wii) and go to the park to eat dinner and come back and watch Night at the Museum and Monster Inc-all time favorite family movie. FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!! I love my family so much! (fluttery hearts all around me)
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