Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So excited today, I get to take my fingerprints downtown at the FBI officer for my volunteer job as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Tarrant County!!! Whoot Whoot! This is what I went to school for, for all those long, long years and it is nice to be seeing the payoff finally. Once I take my fingerprints, than I submit my application and get to start working! hours unknown, pay-nothing, drive-very long, but well worth it knowing at the end of my journey I get my Probation Officer Certification and I don't have to pay for it, or drive to Austin to take the test! God is good, life is good and I am so blessed in so many different avenues of my life its unreal and humbling. I got a great church with wonderful ladies who have so graciously volunteered to keep my kids so I dont have to pay extra daycare expenses to do this! God bless them all. So excited that all my hard work is paying off and all the sacrifices my family had to make for me to get my degree is cumming to a head and becoming our reality!
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