Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hines Family High Point, North Carolina

March 29, 2011
Today is the day we have been waiting for, the arrival of our flat from NC! Sierra was kind enough to send us her beautiful bunny for a fun filled adventure and let me tell you, shes been having fun! Plus, I am so glad that she's bundled up and in layers, you just never know in Texas what the weather will be like ;)
Princess and her best friend Sara
 Already bunny has been introduced to our family and some of my kids best friends, Sara and Heather. She has also been initiated by each cat, something they feel they must do! She got to jump around on the beds, get introduced to the homeschooling room and the maps, but.....

Drizzle Fizzle, Princess and Heather (friend)
She also had to fight off the boy cats Butterscotch (white) and Yogi (orange/white) early on...These two think EVERYTHING is a play toy, so Bunny is going to have to sleep up high, the sting is too tempting for the boys :)
Yogi and Butterscotch arguing over who gets to play 1st
I hope your little bunny is ready to recite some bible verses because tonight is AWANA at our church, Centerpoint! We LOVE AWANA, the verses, building positive relationships that glorify God, the games, great snacks, better company and its bring a friend night! So you had perfect timing arriving! Tomorrow you get to go and help me register my eldest son, Munchkin, at the community college for dual enrollment!
Can't wait to show you off around town this month!
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