Friday, March 4, 2011

Surgery-Drizzle Fizzle

My poor little man had to go into Children's hospital early this am for his scheduled oral surgery. My poor little guy had to have 3 teeth extracted, 7 capped and a loop and band with spacers put in.:( All this from his little evil canevil (spelled wrong I am sure) act of jumping off a playground set and landing face first.This resulted in his first two teeth getting busted and pushing the rest back, which pushed two teeth half way out of his mouth. Needless to say, he is miserable, crying, in pain and vomiting off and on. The surgery was a success. Children's Hospital has a wonderful staff with caring people who took marvelous care of my Drizzle-Fizzle. They even gave him a game to take home to play on the pc (bejeweled). Its been about 4 hours since we got home and I wish I could make his pain go away,I hate seeing my little guy suffer so much. He did however have so many caring and wonderful people call and check on him, including his teacher and fellow students at daycare. Big shout out to the Apple Seed Academy in Mesquite, guys are the best. I am so thankful the Lord watched over him and all the doctors that took care of him and made him comfortable and eased his fears.
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