Friday, April 15, 2011

13 Books and a few dozen plays in 15 Weeks

Ok I am an avid reader, so this should be no sweat to me. I just finished two books this weeks. My challenge to myself is to pick books that I normally would not read, mixed in with those I would have read anyway. I love mystery novels and true crime, but never been a fan of biographies and the like. Hopefully, I can find one that will keep my attention all the way through! Here we go:

1. Hot Mahogany: Stewart Woods (
2. Mounting Fears: Stewart Woods
3. Jesus, The One and Only: Beth Moore (
4. The Upside of Down, Finding Hope When It Hurts: Joseph Stowell (
5.  Alex Cross's Trial: James Patterson (
6. Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch: Leslie Strobel (
7. The Final Warning: James Patterson
8. The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II: Edvard Radzinskii (
9. Divine Comedy: Dante Alighieri
 10. Bertolt Brecht: Biography (
11. The Crucible: Screenplay: Arthur Miller
12. A Dolls House: Henrik Isben
13. R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots (great play, but worth another read) Karel ńĆapek

Ok so I LOVE Bertolt Brecht, he's the bomb so I also re-read all his plays again. I know, cheating, since I already own them and read them before, which is why I added them on at the end :) See I know how to be fair and diplomatic, sometimes :) I would highly recommend that anyone who loves a good playwright read and learn from one of the greatest of all times. Pick one, anyone and I know you will be hooked for life. I was.
 I am also a die hard fan of Tom Stoppard, especially the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead so anything you read by the lovely and talented Mr. Stoppard will transport you! I didnt put him on my list but I did have to sneak a couple of his books in. There are so many talented playwrights that when I pick up one, it reminds me of another and another and before you know it I am leaving with 15 different playwrights complete works...I am freaky like that.

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