Monday, April 11, 2011

April Update and Flat Travelers Adventures

04/09/11: Birthday Parties, Car Auctions, Science Camp, Scarborough Fair and Stolen Dogs

Today was an unusual day, I guess would be the right way to say it. We were awoken early in the morning to a banging on the door. Opened it so see my neighbors (who we dont get along with) standing there with my boxer, Jack! They go on to inform me that two teenagers literally walked up to my back gate, opened it, called my dog out, leashed him and started on their merry little way with my pup! DOG NAPPERS! I couldn't believe it. Our dog will go with anyone, he's a big lug, but the audacity of these kids to come and steal him was outrageous. I was so thankful our neighbors were outside  and stopped them. I would have heard tears for weeks and months. Odly enough, these same two kids come back and say we have THEIR DOG and want him back. I almost laughed. I went on this large spill and provided proof, he was in fact our dog, microchiped and all they could not have him. I was told by my neighbor they came back 2 more times when I we gone trying to get him. Insane, I tell you. We had to go and buy a lock to keep them out and our dog in. So that was our morning. After the insanity we managed to get off too week two of science camp~~~YEAH. The kids and flats got to learn about pulley systems (which we actually went over at the theater)  magnets and electo magnets and electricity. When we finally got back, our dog was still there so we put him in the house and left to go to the car auction at the salvation army. We ended up buying a really old car for $300 that needed some fixing up (on purpose) so my 16 year old son can learn about mechanics and then keep the car when he gets it up and going. I am a firm believer that all people, especially men, should know basics about cars. My son is not so enthused as I am about this, but he will come around, hopefully. Besides its great bonding time :) While my son and I were at the auction, my daughter was at her best friends birthday parties. That's right parties. Rose Maria and Amber share the same birthday 2 years apart. So my daughter was busy at the skating rink getting her grove on and having a fabulous time, while we were picking out an almost clunker to revive! We finally got finished around noon and decided to head off to opening weekend of Scarborough Fair out in Waxahachie, TX.We love the Mid-Evil and Renaissance time periods and like dressing up and having fun. Unfortunately, I was the only one that could dress up because my kids had grown to much :( We had a great time though playing games, watching the shows, people watching, and acting silly. The flats went along on this joyous trip and got to step back into time for a few hours and experience a different culture and way of life. If you have not studied this time period, I highly recommend it and you must and I mean must make a week of talking in the language and dressing up from the period and making food only from that time. Its a lot of fun and the memories will last forever.   (pics to come)

04/10/11: Family Day

Today after church, we went and ate lunch at the sonic park and then we decided to make it a stay home family day. Princess has been searching for a pen pal that she can write to and email so we spent some time taking care of that and even found one for our 4 year old! Now she still wants more, girls. We went a bought Drizzle Fizzle, our 4 year old, a bike at the Goodwill and some training wheels and made this the say he was going to learn to ride, if it killed us! He picked up on it real fast and was all over the place before we knew it, reeking havoc in the neighborhood like all good toddles should do. Then we played some B-Ball, threw some bean bags around, swam for awhile in the kiddie pool, chased the dog and drove him crazy, and finished the day with a meal at the park  By the time it was over we were all ready to crash and burn for the night. 


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