Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flat Happenings

04/11/11: Post Office and Mesquite Arts Museum, AMC Movie

Untitled Sculpture at the Art Center

Mesquite Art Center
We also took a field trip to the Mesquite Arts Museum to take a look around. We have never been there before and thought now was as good of time as any. We could not take pics inside, but we took some outside. They had a pretty cool sculpture the kids liked so we stopped and posed there. Today we took a trip down to the Mesquite Post Office. I was going to get the travel books stamped but, they were still closed. Hopefully I can get it done later today :)
Mesquite Arts Center
outside the Mesquite Art Center

Our local post office
 At the end of the day we decided to take a trip to see Diary Of  Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Drizzle Fizzle stayed with a friend, I didnt think that was the most appropriate movie for him to watch, he's only four! Princess adored it and laughed alot. I thought it was pretty cute myself. Lord knows I ve sat through some really horrible movies as a mom. All in all a great day with my kiddos.

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