Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baseball and Geography

Today we took a journey to see the Texas Rangers play the Cincinnati White Socks at Arlington Ball Park. I decided to use this as a great opportunity for my Princess and Drizzle-Fizzle to learn about reading maps, mapsco, street signs and also to learn about directions when traveling. We studied the map, legends, highways, roads etc and plotted our course first by using city to city on the large State map. Then we got out a city maps and combined them to see what highways we would need to take to reach our destination. From there we wrote down all the side streets and directions (N,S,E,W) we would have to travel there and back. Once they thought they had that down pat, we busted out the trusty Mapsco and I taught them how to use the legend and marking. All in all it was a great adventure. Once we got on the road the kids gave me directions, told me what each abbreviation on roads and highways stood for and how they knew if we were traveling the correct way. Great day of learning followed by a great day of baseball!

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