Monday, May 2, 2011


All I can say is CHRIST HAS RISEN let the world rejoice and be humbled and thankful for what our Savior has done for US!!! I love this day and although, not its not Sunday...yet...we kinda start a little early celebrating what Christ has done for us in our family:) We love watching Passion of the Christ this time of year to really take us back and remember what Christ suffered for us both emotionally and physically. Than on Friday we go to the late night church service to share and gather with other believers all the glory that is Christ and how awesome and wonderful He is. It s an excellent reminder to our children that Easter is not about eggs, bunnies and candy...its is about our Lord and how He gave himself humbly on the cross to bear our sins and how he fulfilled Old Testament prophecy by rising on the third day. It kinda build with the days passing for the kids so they can see the amount of time that Christ was actually dead for before being resurrected. Sat we spend some time talking about how different our life and world would be if Christ had not died for us and rose again. We talk about what we can do to make changes in the world and in our family to show the love of the Lord and then talk about practical application and accountability. The rest of the day we played Bible Trivia and Bible Monopoly. Sunday was church and it was a beautiful sermon on the resurrected Christ. Our children got up and sang songs of praise to God and they did a little skit that was adorable. Great week!

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