Monday, May 2, 2011

Last week of April

Wow busy week is all I can say. We went and watched another Civil War re-enactment and it was alot of fun. The kids didnt really like the first one that much, so I was hesitant to go a second time, but we have been spending the last two month studying the Civil War and the effects it has had on life since. So I felt it was important to really get a feel for the war and the people. Its always helpful to get "faces" with names and see the story, other than just a movie. Although we have watched tons of those as well. I was impressed though with how much they liked it this time around. I think alot of it had to do with space. The last time we went back in March, it was so crowded and you could not see well. This time it was ALL up close and personal and you really got to see.  We went again to the Dallas Zoo and also took a stroll through the bluebonnets again and the Hall of State at Fair Park. Went back to the Science Place and revisited Dinosaurs Unearthed and the Math Midway..They like that since they know had the games down pack to win :)

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