Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alphabet Recognition

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I saw this  and well was amazed at the logic behind the simplicity. My son, Drizzle, is just now learning to read and recognize his letters. He can say his alphabet just fine, but until recently has shown no interest in learning shapes, colors, alphabet and reading. Finally, out of no where he started asking me the colors of things and wanted me to sit and read with him again. It all had to be HIS idea and not mine for it to make him happy and compliant. So my baby, who is 4 yrs 8 month, is finally showing some interest in literature. When I ran across this idea on the Mailbox ( I knew I had to give it a try. The mailbox is full of wonderful activities,worksheets, reading material and so much more for kids of all ages. I have loved this site for so long and recommend it to anyone, plus most items are FREE! How can you argue with that logic? Anyway, Drizzle thought the song was so funny and actually participated! He loved getting to run and grab the letter of his name and hunt ( I Spy)  for his letter on the alphabet board and through out the house. I was simply stunned. My son is a stubborn mule and does nothing if it is not his idea, despite any punishment. I learned to accept this about him and to twist things to make it seem like his idea over the years! Moms are brilliant that way:) All of that to say, I am so thankful the Lord lead me to this site and this particular article. now maybe we can get him to show some interest in writing his NAME!

Find a Letter

For some lyrical letter recognition, teach youngsters this song with two verses. Sing the first verse as you hold up a card showing a child’s name. Have that child choose a letter from his name and find it on your classroom alphabet strip. Vary the activity by singing the second verse. Have a volunteer find a letter on your classroom alphabet strip.

(sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Find a letter in your name,
In your name,
In your name.
Find a letter in your name
And tell us what it is.

Find a letter that you know,
That you know,
That you know.
Find a letter that you know
And tell us what it is.
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