Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day/Dads Birthday


I am not much for celebrating holidays, except Halloween and yes, I know the big bad pagan holiday..whatever...but Father's Day is one of those I do love to celebrate. I did not get to call my Dad this year, simply because I was lazy and did not pay my phone bill...still have not paid my phone bill....but hey  I will get around to it. I actually like the peace and quite of people not calling me constantly. But I am getting off track here, I did send a card though and I do think we need to pay special tribute the men that stick around in our lives. There are so many fathers that walk away and are never to be seen or heard from again, that it seems to be the rare bread now that stay and are actually there for their children growing up and into adult hood. So I commend these fathers. Although my daddy was not around the whole time I was growing up, I know that he wished he could have been. So for today to celebrate their dad and his birthday, which are next to each other, the kids made their Dad a wonderful little money box, since he keeps his money is a huge jar normally, we thought he would love this instead. The kids also made him a cake and cards to go along with it. Also, we are really big into joke cakes in our family. i cannot recall the last time we actually had a "real" birthday cake or celebration cake for anyone. The Walmart bakery people love us!Below is a wonderful video of his birthday celebration and you can see just how BRIGHT his lovely cake gets! Notice he is not at all surprised that its a throwed off cake and not a normal one!

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