Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gloriuos Days at Home


I dont know why but they love the toddler bike tote as long as it is not attached to the bike. Go figure

Munchkin teaching Princess how to shoot a bow and arrow

Princess pulling Munchkin

Munchkin attempting to teach Princess to skateboard
Oh how I love the days we get to spend at home, relaxing or playing hard together as a family. These are the days that bond us together and strengthen our relationships. nothing brings me greater joy than watching my kids stick up for one another, play together and teach/learn from each other and NOTHING I mean NOTHING makes me happier when all this happens and there is no ARGUING!! Today was one of those fabulous days that I live for. Had all three of my kiddos just enjoying being kids and enjoying being a family unit. I just sat back, watched and captured the moments as evidence.... I mean proof..... I mean...well heck they may need reminding that they do love one another and enjoy each others company sometime in the very near future and this is my proof! That's right, i said it, my kids don't actually always get along and sometimes I need to remind them with physical evidence that they do not hate the other person ALL the time :) They went from pogo stick competitions, to a game of horse, to who can pull off the best skateboarding tricks, to good ol' fashion tag. Who says you can't have fun outside?

I was told the skateboard had no more grip tape on it, so that is why they had to revert to riding in sitting off the ramp into the street instead of doing tricks.
Teaching failed, reverted to play time
 Guess I still have some things to learn. My adorable Munchkin did have fun trying to hang on to the back of my SUV while riding the skateboard down the road. Who says mom's not fun?

The pogo competition was fun to watch. My little Drizzle Fizzle was a little upset, because despite owning his own pogo stick, he has not been able to master the balance while jumping up and down. Don't feel bad boogy woogie, momma cannot do it well either :) Princess on the other hand, is half monkey, so she can climb, bounce, balance, and hang from just about anything with no problem. The boys never stood a chance against her. I could tell how proud she was that she dominated them at something!
competition on who can pogo longest, Princess won
 Once the boys figured out Princess had the pogo in the bag, they went back to good ol reliable with the run around the yard with one of them in the toddler bike case. Who knew how versatile this little contraption actually was. It transports toys, the poor animals and all my kids...but for some mysterious reason it fails to transport live cargo when actually attached to the back of my bike! Some mysteries are better of not explained I presume.
 And who cannot love a big brother who at age 16 is already 5'9" to your 3'? My poor little Drizzle gets the raw end when it comes to sports. The older ones seem to love playing keep away and monkey in the middle, with Drizzle being the monkey and the one with no reach to him :( Poor little guy. In time he will get the last laugh and i cant wait :) One day, oh yes one day he will remember all these lovely games of his older siblings and payback I am sure will be sweet for him.
Drizzle Fizzle showing Munchkin how great his basketball skills got..too bad he does not have Munchkins keep away reach

Pogo sticking with Munchkin...hey its what all the cool 16 year olds do!

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