Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Week: VBS, Wild Cats Basketball, Fathers Day

All I can say is wow, we had such a great week. We visited another church, Sunnyvale First Baptist Church,for their VBS this week since our church (Centerpoint) did not have one due to an expansion they are working on. The kids had such a wonderful time!
The day I told my daughter they were going she moaned and complained and started to cry that I was making her go. She thought everyone would think she was boy, since her hair has not grown back all the way yet and she thought no one else her age would be there and she would be made fun of.
Boy was she wrong! After the first day she could not wait to go back. She had such a great time and everyone knew she was a girl, so bonus points! She came out on the first day with the huge sense of pride and accomplishment because she knew the stories they were teaching over, she could participate with knowledge, she got to play games, she got praise (which makes her tick) and she got to sing and dance. She was even invited to go to church camp with the youth group, which I am letting her do the first week of July. Plus at the end I got paid such a huge compliment about my Princess by the leaders there. They were telling me how knowledgeable she was about the stories in the Bible and how it warmed there hearts to hear her talk about her favorite story of the Bible, which was the one when Jesus talks to the woman at the well about have the knowledge of life and that she was such a wonderful young lady growing in her faith and love of Christ. I was blown away that they were talking about my baby like that. half the time I think shes never paying attention to me when we do Bible study or when we are church, now I know differently and I am so proud of my baby and how much her faith has grown over the years.
Drizzle Fizzle of  course loved all the games, snacks and getting to sing and dance. He's very shy till hes comfortable around you and than hes nothing but personality. By the end of the week he was everyone's best friend and wanting to play with the whole clan. I just know he's going to be a handful as he continues to grow.
Yesterday we went to get Fathers Day garb and thats always a challenge. The kids have this tendency to pick out things "they" like and not things the person getting the gift likes. Finally though we got something simple, that we are sure he will love. I think the cards ended up costing us more in the long run than the actual gift. Gotta love these man made corporate holidays!
Tonight Drizzle has his next basketball practice and tomorrow morning at 10am we go to his first Wild Cats game of the season!WHOOT WHOOT. I cant wait. Drizzle has been practicing his dribbling, pivoting, passing and shooting all week. We worked a little on his running and dribbling but it kept ending with him kicking the basketball down the street and frankly I got sick of chasing it. So we stuck with walking and dribbling. Today he will get his uniform and his number and find out what position he will play so it should be fun. Basketball started 3 weeks late due to no coaches being available for his age range. So what should have been a month of practice before the first game has ended up being 2 weeks of 1 day only practice before the first big game! So should be interesting to see how it all plays out. Either way I am excited to get to see his first team sport and his first game! Let hear it for the WILD CATS!!!
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