Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KidZui, The Internet for Kids

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I found this wonderful,kid friendly web browser, actually its made just for kids, with parents in mind!Each week I get these lovely reports that tell me EXACTLY what my kids looked at, played with and for how long. I love being able to monitor my kids activity,especially when I am not there. The other thing I really liked about this web browser is it is age specific. So what pops up on my daughters account is not the same material that my 4 year old will see. I think its pretty obvious why that feature would be useful. Here is a copy of the report that was sent to me this last week for my 4 year old. Keep in mind he is only allowed two hour of internet time a week, so his stats are low. As you can see this week he only spent 6 minutes online. What can I say the Mavs have been playing and he loves Basketball, plus we have spent alot of time at baseball games. Needless to say, you get the idea on how this wonderful site works. The only complaint I have about this site is you cannot minimize it into your system tray once you open it. you have to physically shut it down and restart it which can be a pain.Also, we have flash disabled on our pc to stop those lovely little unwanted avatars and pop ups from showing, but with this browser, we had to enable flash on our whole pc for it to work. So there are a few kinks that need to be worked out, but all in all we are satisfied with the browser and love knowing that our kids will not be redirected to porn when they type the word barbie in or anything else! Piece of mind is worth any other small technical problems.

Time Spent on KidZui This Week

Your kids spent a total of 0 hours and 6 minutes on KidZui this week & the daily breakdown is listed below.
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From The KidZui Blog:
Cooking with Kids & KidZui

Whether you have a little one who wants to "help" in the kitchen or you have an aspiring Emeril in your home, there are plenty of websites to give you and your kids some ideas for some kitchen fun. The KidZui browser has the best kids' cooking sites already "baked in" so you don't have to search on your own. Check out some of our favorite cooking sites!
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