Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ping Pong, Game 2 and WIllow Tree Hunting for Fireworks!

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 Here you can see your Robots after a hunting and gathering episode of good ol Willow wood. The branch was so big that is dangled from the front of my car all the way to the back and hung down into the road. I was so scared I was going to hit a car coming back or the cops would stop us. We did get lots of very strange and perplexed looks from passersby and our neighbors could not help but laugh and stare at us as we got home and started picking apart this lovely branch, than started stripping it of all the bark. If they only knew what it was really going to be used for they might have a fonder appreciation. Instead I think we have been labeled the crazy neighbors!

 Your robots wanted to help out so much with getting the branch down off my truck that they did get a little tangled up in the process!
 Your Robots and cats decided it was best to stay clear of all the tree limbs flying around, so they sought refuge under the car port. Well at least until Drake threw a ball that direction and that was the end of Bella.

Yogi on the other hand moves for no one and nothing. He's the King Kitty of the block. He loves to lay in the middle of the road and make cars go around him. Thats right they actually move around our King Kitty. They know who's in charge!LOL

 Today also we took the Flats up to see Drizzle practice for his big game on Saturday this last Friday night. This week he will play offense so we will see how that goes, since he normally plays defense.After practice we sat down and let the kids play a little ping pong at the local recreational center. They had a blast until Mr Competitive, AKA Dad, decided score must be kept and then all the kids lost interest. He cannot fathom how they can just enjoy a game and not have to have a winner and a looser. Finally got James to stop playing score keeper and the kids had a much better time!

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