Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robots visit Birthday Celebrations

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 Today was my husbands birthday. He turned a whooping 35 years old today. I know we are already planning the funeral!!! Well our family is very big into doing joke cakes for all occasions so James got stuck with a Hello Kitty cake that read "Happy Birthday Stinky Daddy" As you can see you robots are there to help irritate by pl;acing 45 candles on his cake instead of 35! Dont you just love the bright pink frosting?
I know we did!
 The kids also made their Daddy a nice wooden box, that they painted and put their pictures in for his big day. James keeps all his money is one of those big water bottles, so we all thought that this was going to look much nicer in the house than his tacky water bottle. Your Robots thought that they needed to get in on the pic action as well, so they could be part of the fun and memories too.
Here is the nice big, bright pink, Hello Kitty cake! It was delicious though.

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