Friday, July 8, 2011

Camp Glo: Mt. Lebanon

My daughter has been off at camp now for 5 days and I am missing her something terribly right about now.  We made the decisions to attend Sunnyvale First Baptist Church for VBS this year since our church, Centerpoint, was not holding VBS due to church expansion project. We have been to SFB before as visitors and although the church was great and the sermon was fabulous, the church was simply too big for our family. We felt like just another face in the crowd and that is not what we want. Plus I have this thing about churches that video tape and broadcast, really bothers me. It makes me feel like I need to "be on" and perform. It takes away the whole experience of going to church too grow in Christ and have that time of reflection and the awe of how wonderful Christ is. Instead I find myself looking to see were the stinky camera is so I can avoid it at all costs. I dont see and never will see why they feel the need to show and advertise the crowd. Thats not suppose to be why you are tuning in, its for the message the preacher/pastor is giving, not for who is in the crowd. Anyway that was my enormous rant, but so off track. Like I was saying, we love SFB and think the preacher team and youth team are wonderful, so we took our kids there for VBS. While there, they were talking about (almost said about word choice) for there pre-teen camp. Princess got all excited and wanted to go. So I picked up the packet and began filling it out. Than I came to the cost part and thought WOW we cannot afford this at all. For all practical purposes, I am a single mother. I work FT, got to college to finish my Masters, home-school my kids and try to have some free time to be active in our home church and play with my kids! So when I saw the price tag I thought "oh boy! I am going to have to break her heart". The next day when I go and grab them from VBS I hear them talking about scholarships to go to camp and so I inquire about getting one, fill out the paperwork and turn it in. A few days later they ask if I would be willing to volunteer and do some camp preparation work in lieu of paying for her camp! I am ecstatic at this point and so happy I dont have to tell my daughter no. I can find a way to squeeze in time to volunteer, its the money aspect is a little harder to squeeze! So I spend a few hours each night helping get set up for camp. Putting back packs together, getting logos on bags, writing names on cups for all the campers, getting name tags together on each piece of camp gear going out, etc. Not rocket science stuff, just time consuming things. Either way I was happy to help out considering the cost of camp and what the church was sacrificing for people that are not even members!
So my little baby is at Camp Mt. Lebanon out in Ceder Hill( having what looks like the time of her life. I cannot download or copy these photos from their site, they are major lock down, so here is the link instead.
That leave me and her little brother missing the living daylights out of her though. He wont even sleep in their room because he doesn't want to be in there without his sister, who he is crying for every night! My poor boogie-woogie.

I will be so happy when I get to pick her up this Saturday and hear about all her wonderful adventures. I hope and pray that the Lord used this time to help her grow closer to Him and renew her heart and spirit for Him. This is her very first camp experience and I am so thankful that she is getting to go to a Christian camp, were the word of God will be upheld and exulted.

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