Friday, July 1, 2011

Heeeellllllooooo Kitty

My youngest son, Drizzle, recently attended a birthday party for his friend Isabella, who was turning 5. Now my son is deathly afraid of over sized characters. He was laughing and partying as well as any 4 year old does and having a gran o time, until this large, over-sized kitty appears out of nowhere and scared the living crud out of him. For the next 45 minutes he hid behind my back and would scream in terror if the stinky cat so much as looked at him. It didnt help matters at all that his ever so loving sister that you see sitting on Kitty's lap kept trying to drag him over to the cat to show him how "un-scarry" it really was.
ok I dont know how to rotate the pic :( What can I say, turn your computer! lol
Now a couple things you should know. First, Hello Kitty was really a guy! He did a horrible job trying to disguise his voice. Second, little ol kitty's costume was a bit too small, shall we say, and kitty was showing alot more than she should have been! Third, I thought the Kitty and the birthday girl's mom were going to through down over the first two issues. I think the adults had a harder time than the kids did with the Kitty. He was rude, short, and just did not need to be around kids, dressed up in 102 degree Texas heat! He tried his best Iam sure and the kids liked him and thought he was funny because of the way he acted. and innocence can really be a blessing sometimes. I was informed that Hello Kitty is a mean cat, not a nice cat. I am not sure since I ve never seen the show, but it was an entertaining way to spend my Friday night for sure.
The party was great. They made great food, had a lovely pinata, beautiful hand made cake ( I lack that talent), great little goody bags for the kids and it was at night time! Anyone who lives in Texas during the summer knows how important that last bit is for outside events. ;)
All in all it was a great night. I got to speak with adults, a rarity. The kids got to play and we had alot of fun as a family! Good times, good times!

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