Saturday, July 2, 2011

The paint job

Finally going to paint my kids room and cover up all my 4 yr olds at work~as he likes to call it. Thank you Home Depot for 50% paint! I know this room is probably not the style for most people when they think great painting, but my kids adore it. I got all the way through with painting it a simple pink, when they decided they wanted alternating wall colors with pink and blue. So me being oh so patient said fine and covered up two of the walls with blue.After that was said and done, my lovely husband, thought I was going to "turn" both my children into homosexuals by having a boy surrounded by pink and a girl with blue, which is just plain ignorant, but it made a trickle effect for them to want to splash paint of opposite colors on the walls, so I thought why not, I dont live in the room! So there you have it, the paint story...It reminds me of going to a rave when I was younger and they had the black lights going and in the day time this is what the walls look like! Either way the kids LOVE their room and think its very cool, which made me oh so cool for doing it for them! I'll take what I can get :)

Ok well I thought I had more pics, but I dont and honestly I dont feel like taking any at the moment. I would have to get up, find my camera, walk down the hall, open the camera, focus, snap a pic, upload the pic and frankly its just too much effort at the moment when Iam feeling oh so lazy. Maybe later, probably not though, lets face it, its a room, its paint and really I bet kids are the only ones who will love it :) I am good with that.

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