Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tractor Supply/Camp Return

Today we picked up our princess from her week long church camp trip. I was so happy to see her.The buses were running late so we had to wait out in the heat for a little over an hour. Maybe this way they were thinking we would get a taste of how hot it was for our campers! My baby came back a little sunburned, tired and a little smelly. AAAHHHH the campers life. lol..
She had a blast though, a few bad moments, but all in all a good trip and experience. She loved Jesse the juggler the best and all the crazy songs and dances they did. She even managed to conquer her fear of heights and did both the zip lines and the rock climbing wall! So very proud of her.

Top picture: Princess is in the far background, right corner with her hand on her face, sitting down in blue/purple.

Middle pictures: Us and our flats at the Tractor Supply Company in Mesquite. 

Bottom picture: They were playing some game and she and a few other people won and got to go on stage with the performers. She was very excited.

Once we picked up our baby girl and learned all about her adventures, we ran over the the tractor supply. We had a few things to pick up for revamping our ball mill. We use the ball mill to mix the charcoal we burn to make a powder for fireworks. Anyway we have had the same one for so long that it has gotten VERY loud and you cannot focus on anything else except that horrible noise. So we are making a new one that will be quieter!

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